Jon Gosselin steals money from his kids

Jon Gosselin raided the marital bank account over the weekend, making off with a reported $230,000.

Despite his lawyer’s assertions that Jon wants to try to make the marriage work — and Jon’s own words on Larry King, for that matter — the
contemptible father of eight cleared out the couple’s main bank account, leaving Kate with a mere $1000 to pay the bills.

While the trust fund set up for the kids was untouched (college money, etc), the money Jon took is used for every day expenses like, say, feeding those eight kids.

“You’ve left your children and their mother unable to pay for the roof over their head,” Kate said to Jon via Today. “It’s unacceptable.”

This move could mean big legal problems for Jon, because it appears he flagrantly violated a court order stating no money could be withdrawn without the content of both parties.

The boxing gloves are off, and Kate already hired a legal pit bull to get that cash back. She is asking a judge to hold Jon in contempt of court — which could come with a jail sentence — and
return every penny of the money.

And it turns out Jon, who has already proven he’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier many times in the last few months, pulled
another bonehead move when he hired the lawyer who advised him to pull the cash. Mark Heller, who was with Jon on his most recent Larry King Live appearance, admitted to the New York
Supreme Court that he engaged in “professional misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.” Not only was Heller suspended by the New York Bar Association, he is not
licensed to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania, where Jon lives.

Stay tuned for the judge’s decision…

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