Christian Slater exclusive interview

Oct 5, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Christian Slater stars in The Forgotten and visits with SheKnows via an exclusive satellite radio interview. Slater has been a fixture in Hollywood since the days when he headlined Heathers away from Winona Ryder and Shannen Doherty with his performance.

Christian Slater fights for The ForgottenAfter a silver screen hit list that includes Interview with a Vampire, True Romance, Robin Hood, Young Guns, Pump Up the Volume, Broken Arrow, Mobsters and Murder in the First, Slater had some well documented issues with both the law and substances.

Clean and sober, however, Slater has kept charging ahead, forging a career for over two decades in a town where Andy Warhol's "15 minutes" sentiment has never been more apt.

Slater first delved into the currently prolific waters of television in 2008 with My Own Worst Enemy. The show only lasted one season, but Slater got hooked on working in a medium that's enjoying a renaissance.

Pundits make much over the fact that some of the best work in entertainment is by women on television. From Kyra Sedgwick's The Closer to Glenn Close's Damages, TV in the new millennium is the new place for Oscar-caliber talent.

Still, actors we adore also are arriving on a television landscape ripe for compelling drama. Slater's among them, returning to TV with The Forgotten, which tells the story of volunteers determined to put the Jane and John Doe cases of the world to rest.

Slater joined SheKnows on the satellite radio tour for his should-be-a-hit show.

Christian Slater exclusive video interview

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