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Oct 3, 2009 at 7:25 p.m. ET

The Unit has captured the war America cannot know about. Now, with the complete series available on DVD, audiences can catch up on one of TV's best thrillers of the decade. Nicole Steinwedell joined The Unit and provides SheKnows with a unique and exclusive look at the hit shows' final season as it arrives on home video.

The Unit exclusive interview

SheKnows: Hello, Nicole, thanks for taking a few moments out of your day to visit with

Nicole Steinwedell: Oh, my gosh. It is my pleasure.

SheKnows: Congratulations on being a part of a show as timely as The Unit. Now, when it comes out on DVD this week, is it another shot of 'wow, this was really awesome for me' with the revived attention?

Nicole Steinwedell and The Unit will be missed, but on DVD they live forever

Nicole Steinwedell: In fact, it's interesting, I'm talking to you and SheKnows and I spoke with G4 yesterday -- and it's been nice to feel how awesome The Unit is -- but it's also been awhile. I've had time to think about how great that was -- I, this is embarrassing. I asked them to send me my reel so I could watch it and remind myself that I was on that show (laughs).

Thye Unit entire collection is now on DVD

SheKnows: (Laughing)

Nicole Steinwedell: So, when I talked about it this week, I sounded up to speed (laughs).

SheKnows: That's a good thing. That means you're a busy actress with lots of things going on…and in that vein, what first drew you to acting? It's the most difficult of careers to succeed.

Nicole gets in on the action of The Unit

Nicole Steinwedell: To be perfectly honest, I was home schooled until seventh grade. I skipped eighth grade and went to high school. I was quite young and quite tall, 5' 11", a lot skinner (laughs), I was so out of place. The most welcoming people to me were people in my drama class. So I hung out with them during lunch and made friends. I had such a great time in theater in high school. I also cheerleading and had so much fun at that. I thought of it all as performing. That's really where I gained a love of performing through song and dance or sketch comedy we did for the pep rallies. I think that's why I started to get the bug. One, I love the spotlight and two -- I was a "lame-o" who needed some friends (giggles).

SheKnows: And then in college…

Nicole Steinwedell: That's where I learned the art of it. It wasn't until I went to college where I learned what a real actor does at Northwestern.

SheKnows: Northwestern, that is a phenomenal school for drama.

Nicole Steinwedell: Yeah, and again, I was a lucky woman to be there, everybody in my class is incredible. I think about my class and freak out at how well we're doing and not letting that heady intelligence get in the way (laughs). We had a chance to work together in the quiet time before you get out in the scary world.

Mastering Mamet

SheKnows: David Mamet, the man what he does with words and his influence over the people who work along with him, for you, how was it different -- if it was different -- than other scripts you've been a part of…

Nicole Steinwedell: It is different. He comes from the theater and that's where I come from, so I really respect it. It's usually more direct and actor-friendly. He is so smart, he's been at it for so long at this point in his career, I think he had great ambition for each script. Many times, things were poetic. In not in the hands of a great actor like Dennis Hasbert (24), it would be cheesy -- it is that poetic, that high brow. It's so crazy because we studied him in school. And now I'm working for him, oh my God.

The Unit stars enjoy a lighter moment

SheKnows: You mentioned that Northwestern intellect not getting in the way, it certainly came in handy working David Mamet scripts for The Unit.

Nicole Steinwedell: It's ironic. I don't know how this show came into my life. I couldn't have steered it this way if I tried. It's a wonderful fit for me for that season. I wish everything I did affected me the way The Unit did.

Up next...Meeting Mamet and Nicole gets to work with Tom Ford!

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