Grey’s Anatomy baby news

With Grey’s Anatomy back for its sixth season tonight, star Ellen Pompeo definitely has great timing. With her new baby and new season, it is a great September for Ellen Pompeo.

Ellen Pompeo and Grey's are backThat’s right,
Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo gave birth on September 15 to
Little Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. This is her first child with husband, Chris Ivery. The 39-year-old actress is literally the star of her own show as she plays the title character, Dr Meredith Grey
on the hit show.

Interestingly enough, her co-star, Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley are parents as well having adopted a ten month-old Korean girl,
Nancy Leigh. She is named after Katherine’s mother, Nancy and her sister Margaret Leigh.

As for what viewers can expect for the dazzling sixth season of the ABC drama? We know for sure that Heigl is staying on for another season so it’s almost a given that Izzie Stevens will live
for at least this season, anyway. The former Grey’s Anatomy recurring cast member Jessica Capshaw is now a
series regular and Martha Plimpton will star in a multi-episode arc starting tonight.

In little known trivia about Grey’s Anatomy, prior to broadcast the show almost changed its name to Complications and then, thankfully, ultimately went back
to Grey’s. Actually, the title comes from Henry Gray, the author of a medical textbook, Gray’s Anatomy known specifically as Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the
Human Body
, a classic textbook on human anatomy in medical schools. It was first published in 1858! Well, since Pompeo’s character is Meredith Grey, spelling within the title was changed
from Gray to Grey. And that’s one to grow on.

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