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Accidentally on Purpose premiere preview

Jenna Elfman is back on TV with Accidentally on Purpose and her choice of sitcoms could not be better.

The Dharma and Greg alum has taken time off from her Hollywood work to attend to mommy duty for the last several years and talk about timing — Accidentally on
is perfect for Elfman’s return to TV. 

The Accidentally on Purpose cast

SheKnows could not imagine Accidentally on Purpose without Elfman. It is no Accident that this comic classic of an
actress excels in the role of a woman who has a one-night-stand with a younger man that results in her being pregnant.

Thing is, Elfman’s character sort of planned it that way to the comedic shock (for the audience!) of her new partner.

Hilarity does ensue and it is largely due to the show’s crisp writing and Elfman herself.

Elfman dances through the pilot of Accidentally on Purpose with a comic purpose that is pure gold. Joining her in the terrific
comedic back and forth is actor Jon Foster. Other stand-outs in the latest CBS sitcom treasure are Lennon Parham as Abby and Melrose Place veteran Grant Show as James.

Elfman’s Billie is another in a long list of quality characters hitting the small screen for women. Actresses in this new Golden Age of Television are the ones getting the richest roles and
for Elfman in Accidentally on Purpose, she is joining the ranks of CBS’ fellow female comic standouts including Julia Louis
Dreyfuss in The New Adventures of the Old Christine and Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your

Accidentally on Purpose preview

From tonight’s premiere at 8:30 pm, SheKnows gives you a taste of Accidentally on Purpose.

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