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Director Jane Campion has a successful work method of combining her scripts with her timeless direction and producing performances that get Oscar buzzing. Bright Star is next in line.

Bright Star is no different in its cinematic power.

SheKnows has an exclusive video interview of Bright Star mastermind discussing her latest, starring Abbie Cornish and Ben Wishaw.

A period piece in setting and locale only, Bright Stars’ themes are as ever-present in 2009 as when the film takes place.

Jane Campion exclusive!

Bright Star

Abbie Cornish in Bright StarJohn Keats,
the romantic poet, wrote the love poem Bright Star for his 18 year-old next door neighbor Fanny Brawne. This is the story of their first love.

It is London in 1818 and the girl next door has captivated the heart of a man who would go down in the pages of history as a wizard of words.

Brawne is a student of fashion and initially, her attraction to Keats was minimal at best. Once Keats’ younger brother succumbs to an illness, the couple became together-for-the-ages close.

When Keats’ mate and Brawne’s horror-stricken mother discover the pair’s attraction, this locomotion of love is too strong to stop.

An Official Selection of the Toronto and Cannes Festivals, Bright Star is one of fall’s first Oscar contenders to show its

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