Susan Boyle Wild Horses video

Susan Boyle performing Wild Horses has done more for America’s Got Talent than the announcement of their winner, country crooner Kevin Skinner.

Susan Boyle AGTBoyle shot to fame
five months ago after her debut on Britain’s Got Talent and instantly became a worldwide tabloid fixture. In a video presentation before her performance, Boyle admitted to the difficulties with fame she experienced. “With no pressure, and then having all this pressure on top of it, I found a
bit suffocating,” Boyle said in the video.

After Boyle lost the finale, she entered a hospital for exhaustion.

“I don’t remember much about it after the finale,” Boyle explained. “All I remember is being put in an ambulance and being taken to a clinic. I’ve never felt so tired. I look back at it now. It was
a necessity because I was tired. I don’t know what was wrong me with, though.”

Boyle triumphantly returned to the US with her performance of the Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses on America’s Got
. Her debut record, I Dreamed a Dream debuts November 24. The international superstar has no plans on drifting away from the public spotlight anytime soon, this time, Boyle is back to stay.

“I used to be a kind of spectator looking out at the world, but now I’m part of that world,” Boyle said. “And although frightening, I’m going to embrace it, because I feel a bit more confident
within myself, more able to cope, more able to take part in the dream.”

Susan Boyle performs Wild Horses on America’s Got Talent

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