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Celebrity couples we’d like to reunite



Top celebrity coupleBen Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

Yes, we realize that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are now happily married to Jennifer Garner and Mark Anthony, respectively with several babies each, but hear us out when we say that Jennifer Garner and Mark Anthony are boring. When Affleck and La Lopez were together, however, they were the most dynamic, headline generating Hollywood couple of our time. Everything about Bennifer was dramatic. Jennifer made newspaper covers when she snubbed Ben’s ex-Gwyneth Paltrow several times. Ben made CNN headlines when he gave Jennifer an over-the-top pink engagement ring. Together, they gave us Gigli, possibly the worst movie ever made, but we didn’t care because as a couple, they made us feel better about ourselves. Now, all they seem to do is make babies and go shopping. Does that sound exciting to you? My point exactly.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez: celebrity couple

Who is your favorite celebrity couple?

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