Jay Leno rattles Tom Cruise

The Jay Leno Show continues to make headlines as the talk show host rattled Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz with his first 10 at 10 segment.

SheKnows has the Jay Leno Tom Cruise video:

Whether Leno can keep up this momentum at 10 pm for an entire season is still to be determined. The man who led The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno
to ratings triumphs for 17 years should not be underestimated.

Being in Hollywood with decades of favors, Leno can call on a potpourri of celebrities to keep his coach warm for months.

Tom Cruise squirmsThe bigger issue is how Leno’s
success will affect the other talk shows that tape in LA, most notably, Leno’s old stage of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

But, for now, the NBC family is all smiles over the success and buzz-generating content that The Jay Leno Show is producing.

The perfect example is Tom Cruise’s reaction, in particular, to Leno’s 10 at 10 debut.

Watching the superstar squirm with his million-dollar smile in full glow is priceless.

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