Lady Gaga VMA pictures

There was more to the 2009 VMAs than Kanye West interrupting Taylor SwiftLady Gaga and her fashion statements.

Gaga does PhantomThere is making the scene and there is what you make of the scene.

For Lady Gaga, both are intertwined.

At the 2009 MTV VMAs, right below the earthquake that was Kanye West’s outburst during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, is Lady Gaga fashion.

Late night comics have had a field day with Lady Gaga’s many outfits. But, you be the judge.

Was Gaga goofy or game?

The MTV VMAs have notoriously been a means for stars to showcase their extreme fashion that frankly, makes the VMAs worth watching beyond its outbursts and musical performances.

Rose McGowan anyone?

Whether it was her arrival in a Phantom of the Opera mask and Mardi Gras ensemble with Kermit the Frog in tow or her acceptance speech outfit that so constricted her face in red lace that Lady Gaga took it off.

Gaga performs at the 2009 VMAs

Gaga goes redAt least she had the presence of mind to let the world see her face as she accepted an award.

Lady Gaga is no where near daft and the VMA stage, for musicians in the Madonna vein, face time is everything.

The Lady Gaga picture that is making the most rounds across the world is her winter-like wreath that surrounded her face towards the end of the show.

The Jay Leno Show nailed the look when he said he had seen it somewhere before, but could not quite place it.

“Kenny from South Park!”

Perhaps, but it is hard to argue that the VMAs would not have been the same without Lady Gaga’s frenzied fashion fiesta.

Gaga does KennySure, Kanye’s cool-losing moment was buzz-worthy, but in 100 years, the Lady Gaga VMA pictures will tell an era’s story.

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