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Kathy Griffin Kate Gosselin spoof

Kathy Griffin’s impersonation of Kate Gosselin has become a sensation.

The Kate is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story trailer is what Griffin was “promoting” on Kimmel’s late-night talk show.

Kathy Griffin does Kate Gosselin

Griffin Gosselin, Inc?

Griffin has channeled some hysterical comic adventures over the years, but few show the power of Kate is Enough.

As the public begins reporting that its’ level of tolerance for the Jon and Kate cavalcade is at the highest level, Griffin swoops in and gets us all excited again about all things Gosselin.
Why on earth would we want the Gosselin’s to disappear from the public consciousness when audiences would be denied the glory of Griffin as Gosselin?

Which leads us to the other half of the Jon and Kate equation — Jon Gosselin.

Kathy Griffin is Kate GosselinIsn’t
Star Trek veteran George Takei the perfect choice to portray the ‘dirt bag dad’ (his words, not ours) in Griffin’s Kate Gosselin video? Give Jon 10 years and he will
mirror Takei’s sixty-something.

Griffin and Takei’s “Lifetime” film will debut when the comic actress gets around to giving audiences more moments of Griffin on Gosselin.

SheKnows needs more of Griffin doing Gosselin’s great “no you can’t have water you annoying brat” classic TLC hit show moment. “Tears of fame,” we love it!

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