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Vampire Diaries premieres

The Vampire Diaries premieres on the CW with a nation of vampire lovers dying to get a first look. SheKnows has seen Vampire Diaries and can label it a can’t-miss!

Tyra welcomes cycle 13 of ANTM

So You Think You Can Dance recap

Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Anne Miller — old Hollywood is back thanks to So You Think You Can Dance. On last night’s first audition show we saw three fabulous
tap dancers, two of which we’ve seen before Ryan and Bianca. They had an old-fashioned tap battle that was simply wonderful.

Then, Ryan’s old roommate Phillip took the stage and he didn’t just tap, he lit up the stage with a routine that was so reminiscent of old Hollywood musicals it brought a huge smile to my face.
This year, I think a tapper will make it into the Top 20 and as much as I like Ryan, (brother of last season’s Evan) I think it’s going to be Phillip.

America’s Next Top Model recap

America’s Next Top Model had a two hour premiere last night and I like that they got right down
to the modeling and left most of the audition footage behind. One interesting story is that of Ashley, a girl who was discovered by Tyra’s hairdresser when she was in the audience of the
Tyra show!

The other notable incident was the last minute switcheroo when the model who made the cut thanks to guidance from the Lord, ended up a no show and was replaced with one of the girls sent home in
the previous round. It was a short-lived victory as that same girl, Lisa, came in like she was expecting to be cut right away and she was — power of positive thinking, ladies.

For tonight’s premieres, it’s back to The CW for one new show and one returning favorite.

The Vampire Diaries (8:00 The CW)

After the tragic death of her parents, 17-year-old Elena (Nina Dobrev) is just learning to live again when she meets and slightly falls for the new boy in school, Stefan (Paul Wesley). Though her
best friend Bonnie has a premonition of trouble ahead, Elena remains blissly unaware that she’s being courted by a vampire. Enter the vampire’s evil brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and things in
Mystic Falls will never be the same.

Vampire Diaries is a compelling piece of television

Don’t even think of saying the “T” word — this new show is based on a series of books that pre-dates the current Stephenie Meyer-spawned trend. It’s spooky, it’s romantic and it’s by Kevin
Williamson so just call it Dawson’s Creek with bite.

Supernatural (9:00 The CW)

Those hunky Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are back for a fifth season and they’re facing off against the ultimate evil — Lucifer himself. It’s the start of the
apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean the brothers will forget their differences and plunge headlong into the melee side-by-side, no sir, not if Eric Kripke has anything to say about it. And since he’s
the creator of the series, he has plenty to say.

Supernatural is back on The CW

Dean’s not ready to trust his brother who went for a walk on the wild side with his demon lady friend. Does Sam have the strength to overcome the demon blood addiction and his own guilt over the
release of Lucifer? I guess we’ll have a whole season to find out.

Ellen on American Idol!

Lastly, can we just take a moment to think about the news that Ellen DeGeneres is taking the fourth judges seat on American Idol? Remember how she was when she judged So You Think You Can
Dance? Everything was about her and it was all a big joke — funny at first but it quickly wore thin. Seriously, Idol, what were you thinking?

Photo credit:

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 13 Pictured: Tyra Banks Photo Credit: Jonathan Mannion / The CW

The Vampire Diaries pilot Pictured: Nina Dobrev as Elena and Paul Wesley as Stefan Photo Credit: The CW

Supernatural — Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jim Beaver as Bobby. Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW

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