America's Got Talent recap

Sep 9, 2009 at 3:23 p.m. ET

The last acts took the America's Got Talent stage and I don't think there was as much talent as we've seen prior.

Riding with Recycled Percussion

The evening began with Recycled Percussion. Their theme was the junkyard so they performed on a van which cracked in two -- horizontally -- and played with tons of old car parts and mechanic tools. These guys have the showmanship, but tonight, they were a little to frenetic including an unnecessary smashing of the guitar at the end. I don't know if they were actually playing a song as they did last week, because this week it sounded like nothing but noise. The judges loved them but they're not high on my list.

Lawrence Beamen was up next crooning another deep, soulful melody. This time he went with the modern Alicia Keys tune Fallin' and Piers called him on the song choice and Sharon complained about the vocal styling. I like the song well enough and he does captivate an audience but I don't see him winning all the money.

Hario Torres breaks America's Got Talent upIt was downhill all the way when Erik and Rickie took the stage which was set up like an oversized toy shop. They each started out inside of a tall box and when they busted out they began to moonwalk and that was it for me. They danced to Michael Jackson's Black or White and it looked like they were struggling to get to every phase of the dance. It was stiff and boring and I don't think they should have even made it to this round, so kudos to Piers for buzzing them.

Next up on America's Got Talent was piano impresario Jeffrey Ou and Ou-my, he was a train wreck. He came out dressed like Mozart gone mad then proceeded to bang on the piano in what he claimed was a perfect rendition of the Hungarian Rhapsody. Big mistake. I don't care how good you are, if you want votes you have to play something an audience can recognize. If he wanted to go wild, he should have done a manic version of The William Tell Overture or even Flight of the Bumble Bee. After this performance, Jeffrey OU gets a T and that spells OUT.

Torres tears it up

Things got a whole lot brighter when break-dancer Hairo Torres took the stage. He delivered a prom-themed routine to the Black Eyed Peas tune I Gotta Feeling.

His moves are so unique and so impossible, I literally kept shouting "wow" at my TV. (Much to my husband's annoyance.) Piers said it and I agree that what sets Hairo apart from other break-dancers is his sense of humor. He's a real delight and he makes my top five list.

Hovering near the bottom of my favorite's list are The Eriam Sisters. I know these girls are talented, they have great stage presence and I think Disney should snap them up for their own TV show.

I don't know if they're good enough to win the prize, though. The song choice was When You Believe and it got off to a very shaky start. Once all three sisters starting harmonizing, though, it really came together. Yes, they deserve their own show, just not in Vegas. (Maybe Rickie and Erik can guest star.)

Mario may be excited, but will he continue on America's Got TalentMario's mundane

Mario and Jenny were next on the bill and for once I actually listened to their interesting backstory. Turns out Mario comes from seven generations of circus folk so no wonder he's such a showman -- oh wait -- not tonight. The guy who we saw juggle chainsaws and flaming guitars came out dancing. Yes, dancing and not well. Actually, he came out before that juggling some little pink balls but I didn't even notice him until several seconds into the act. That's not good. David and Sharon both said it was nice to see another side of his personality but again I'm with Piers. While this interlude might work in a full 75-minute show, as a stand alone piece, it was boring at best.

Fairing no better were the street dancers known as FootworKINGz. Their Power Rangers routine was out-dated, poorly choreographed and even silly in spots. Piers said they went from being the coolest act in the show to being the un-coolest -- bad choice boys, bad choice.

I'm fence sitting on the next act, which was singer Drew Stevyns. He performed an angry, growling version of the George Michael tune Careless Whisper. I wasn't bowled over by the performance but this guy has something. I don't think it's Las Vegas headliner something, but I'd love to see him on American Idol.

Padilla's a powerhouse

The producers saved the best for last, giving opera singer Barbara Padilla the final spot. She appeared in a gold gown with a train that spread out for miles.

Barbara Padilla rocks the housePadilla was standing on a stack of pedestals that made her look very much like an Oscar statuette.

She looked younger, too. Calmer. Then she sang Ave Maria and it brought the audience to tears and to their feet. Sharon made a comment about Barbara having a voice that could heal people and I believe it. A cancer survivor herself, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that she brought people back from the brink with her angelic voice. I don't usually vote for singers to win America's Got Talent but I'm making an exception in this case. She gets all ten of my votes for the night.

The America's Got Talent top five? Barbara Padilla for sure, Hairo Torres, Drew Stevyns, Mario and Jenny (because they're better than tonight's performance) and Recycled Percussion I guess, since I can see them on a Vegas stage.

Agree or disagree? Who do you think should make it into the finals?

You'll see the results on America's Got Talent tonight at 9:00 on NBC.

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