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Fall TV preview: Fox rocks old and new

Fox rocks this fall as their mega-hit So You Think You Can Dance makes its fall debut and Glee — the little comedy that could – returns for a full season.

A dancer stretches as she readies for her So You Think You Can Dance auditionAll the Fox favorites are back in September including Fringe, Bones, Dollhouse and their
animation stalwarts — The Simpsons, Family Guy and its spin-off The Cleveland Show.

SheKnows Television writer Cynthia Boris and yours truly now turn the spotlight on Fox.

So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance returns September 9

You love the show so much, the producers decided to add a special fall edition of the series to the roster! It will be business as usual with the audition shows starting on September

Then producer Nigel Lythgoe says he hopes to give the audience a more in depth look at the Top 20 and he wants to add some other type of dance competition (maybe a battle of the styles) to the
results show each week to cut down on the need for filler.

Keep an eye out for Evan Kasprzak’s brother Ryan whom we know makes it past the initial audition round.


Glee returns September 9

It’s a comedy. It’s a musical. It’s a drama about surviving high school and life. It’s Glee and it’s probably one of the most publicized new series in the history of TV.

This offbeat hour-long series stars Matthew Morrison as an optimistic teacher who wants to turn McKinley High’s misfit-filled Glee Club into a lean, mean, winning machine. Uplifting musical numbers
makes this series a stand out in the long history of high school-themed comedies. Don’t Stop Believing!


Fringe returns September 9/17

Melting people, procreating lab accidents, a trip to an alternate reality where The Twin Towers still stand — welcome to the world of Fringe. FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) rides
herd over slightly-mad scientist Walter (John Noble) and his enigmatic but charming son Peter (Joshua Jackson).

Joshua Jackson and the Fringe gang returns to Fox

Together, they’re charged with unraveling the truth behind some of the world’s most devastating threats. In the new season, which begins on September 17, Olivia returns to this reality but you can
bet that door isn’t closed for good while Peter begins an investigation that might reveal more than he ever wanted to know about himself and his father.

Bones returns September 21 on FoxBones

Bones returns September 17

For the past four seasons, FBI agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and forensic anthropologist Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) have had a friendly, even flirty, but still only
professional relationship.

That’s all changing now that Booth has come back from a near death experience and Bones has asked him to father her baby. But don’t worry, they’ll still be doing what they do best — solve quirky
and gruesome crimes!

Keep an eye out for special guests such as pop icon Cyndi Lauper and Emily’s sister Zooey Deschanel.


House returns September 21

As season 6 of House begins viewers are treated to a two-hour premiere episode. House has been admitted to a mental institution as season 5 came to a close. Supposedly, the
mental house visit is for detox to his long standing addictions.

With the good doctor House in locked up, what happens to the potentially budding romance between the cranky doctor and Cuddy. Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein shine in this storyline and we hope to
see more of the two of them together. But first, House has to get out of the mental ward.

Up next…visit the Dollhouse and see how Fox still dominates animation!

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