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Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America

Jon Gosselin took to the Good Morning America airwaves to attempt to rehab his image. Did it work? This is Jon Gosselin we’re talking about.

Jon Gosselin on Good Morning AmericaGosselin spoke to Chris
Cuomo (who is in talks to replace Diane Sawyer on the Good Morning
anchor desk) and complained about how he has gone from “America’s favorite dad to dirt-bag” and his plan to make it right.

But, then the problem with Gosselin’s plan of image rehabilitation is he kept talking.

He reported learning his lessons about the press and that no matter what he says, they print whatever they desire to create the story that sells magazines.

“Whatever they want to write, let them write it,” Gosselin told Cuomo. “They’re going to write it anyway. I’ve learned that lesson.”

Rewind the time machine back a few years: Jon and Kate Plus 8 debut on TLC to record ratings and America falls in love with those
cute kids and the dad who puts up with Kate’s bossiness. But, the pair are a cute couple and as a whole, the family is priceless.

Years of bickering and even higher ratings later, Jon and Kate Plus 8 are international superstars.
Cracks begin to show. As Kate seemed focused on her career, the sympathy in the Jon and Kate struggles seemed to go with Jon. Then, he started being Jon.

The rest is well documented and where the public’s affection in this split is now truly hard to measure. Thus far, Kate’s pulling in tons of affection as the single mom raising 8 kids
while her ex is cavorting with various women across the country.

So, Jon Gosselin, the next time you want to talk about going from “America’s favorite dad to dirt-bag” and desire to go
back again, you might want to lay off the New York bachelor pad, running around with twenty-something party girls and gallivanting in Las Vegas in a pool full of bikini-clad women. None of these
women are the mother of your children that made you a celebrity.

Maybe for Gosselin’s next visit to Good Morning America he will have learned that lesson.

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