Labor Day Weekend TV marathons

Holiday weekend means TV marathons and this Labor Day’s weekend TV best bets include hours of back-to-back Monk, True Blood, Bobby Flay and The Office — to name just a few.

Mitchell and Ra'mon have an issue on Project Runway

Project Runway recap

Remember how on Top Chef this week the guy in the top four also landed in the bottom three. Well, the same thing happened on Project Runway last night and finally one contestant
got what he deserved.

The Project Runway designers were paired up in twos, with team leaders randomly chose from a bag. Mitchell, who can’t sew, blatantly picks Ra’mon as his partner saying he needs someone who
can carry him through this challenge.

Come on, it’s one thing to be a slacker but how low do you have to be to flaunt it?

Poor Ra’mon nearly collapsed under the pressure of designing three outfits– three because Tim didn’t like his second garment, so he threw that out and put together a third look at the last minute.

Rachel Bilson can only look on and laugh on Project RunwayMeanwhile Qristyl and Epperson were bickering like an old married couple and it was very unbecoming on both of them.

When it came to the runway, I was again impressed by the caliber of the work. The Project Runway theme was beachwear plus an
avant-garde look.

To Ra’mon’s shock, he and Mitchell pulled the top designs and then it was time to talk to the judges. When asked about his contribution, Mitchell admitted that his partner did nearly all of the

As it happened on Top Chef, his honesty had him moved from second to last and he was dismissed from the
competition. I’m glad the judges saw through his act and didn’t just let him slid because he had a fabulous partner.

Mitchell wasn’t taking it seriously and I can’t see how he even made it into the competition without the ability to sew!

It’s Labor Day weekend and that means TV marathons. Here are some of the best:

This weekend’s top TV picks:


Eureka (Syfy)

Monk (USA)

Castle premieres September 21


The Game (BET)

Throwdown with Bobby Flay (Food Network)


The Andy Griffith Show (TV Land)

The Sopranos (A&E)


Castle mini-marathon (ABC)

True Blood (HBO)

Ghost Hunters (Syfy)

Band of Brothers (Spike)


Law & Order (TNT)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family)

The Office (TBS)

News and notable

HBO gave the greenlight to Laura Dern for her comedy about a self-destructive woman who heads down the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Reaper’s Bret Harrison has created a new comedy about two DA’s one of which would be played by himself.

True Blood’s Mehcad Brooks has joined the cast of The Deep End, a new legal drama on ABC.

Shirley Jones will guest on Ruby & the Rockits as the mother of her real sons, David and Patrick Cassidy.

Shirley Jones reunites with the Cassidys on Ruby & the Rockits

Photo credit:

Project Runway — Pictured: Mitchell Hall and Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman. Photo credit Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks 2009

Castle — Pictured: Nathan Fillion and friends. ABC/Michael Desmond

Ruby & the Rockits — Pictured: Katie A. Keane, Patrick Cassidy, Alexa Vega, Shirley Jones, David Cassidy. Photo: ABC Family/Danny Feld

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