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Liam Neeson skips Toronto Film Festival

Liam Neeson will not be attending the world premiere of his new movie, Chloe, at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Liam Neeson will not be attending Toronto Film FestivalOrganizers were promoting that Neeson was going to attend, but a spokesperson for the actor said that he was never scheduled to be in

A rep for the film Chloe mentioned, “I’m 110-percent sure he is not attending the festival.”

Neeson is currently filming The A-Team in Vancouver. His schedules conflict and Neeson will be unable to attend the festival. However, others are speculating that his grief
is keeping him away from the film festival on an international stage.

You may recall, this was the film Neeson was working on when his wife, Natasha Richardson, experienced a head injury which later led to her

The ski accident in Montreal ended up taking her life. The Irishmen left the set to be at her bedside in a New York City hospital only to find that she tragically passed away
at 45-years-of-age.

Since his wife’s death, Liam has made small public appearances like attending the opening night of
Mary Stuart on Broadway and walking the red carpet for the Irish film Five Minutes of Heaven in New York City.

In fact, reporters at that premiere were given strict orders to not ask the actor any personal questions.

The Toronto International Film Festival will occur September 10 through the 19 and would have been his first major public event since the tragedy. Rest assured, the journalists would have asked
about his personal life.

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