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Project Runway welcomes Rachel Bilson

Project Runway’s guest judge is Rachel Bilson as the designers face one of their toughest challenges.

Wednesday recaps

America’s Got Talent

Twists in the judging was the theme last night for three of my favorite Wednesday shows. It all started with America’s Got Talent where the judges made a last minute chance that
makes me want to call foul. First is the good news. The Texas Tenors and Kevin Skinner made it through but then Grandma Lee took a spot and I’m not sold on that result. But then, after losing a
great act like Drew Thomas Magic, it was down to the Fab 5 and Voices of Glory.

The America’s Got Talent judges were supposed to pick one act but instead they changed the rules and put them both through! What?
Come on, everyone at this stage of the game has some talent and charisma, but kicking Drew Thomas and Acrodunk to the curb in order to keep the two that happened to land in the middle of the vote
tabulation? I’m not happy.

The Spinkle Girls on Toddlers and TiarasToddlers and Tiaras

I’m also not happy about the results on Toddlers and Tiaras last night. Those darling Sprinkle sisters should have walked off with the first prize. They were pretty, poised and polite and they
deserved more than they got.

It’s interesting to note that the woman running the pageant told the show that she had to part ways with her partner after she discovered some discrepancies in the judging (read: cheating).

Admirable of her to want to do the right thing but she was left with an organizational nightmare that ended with only one mom out of 28 taking the stage in the mom’s division even as the
workers cleaned up the tables and chairs from the room. Then, to top it off, she didn’t even get the prize she was promised.

Top Chef Las Vegas

Top Chef had their own share of judging confusion when a contestant called in as one of the top four
was then called back as one of the bottom three. Huh? It happened because of the way the challenge was split. Tasked with cooking a meal for 300 at an Air Force base, they decided it was best to
work in teams of two. The two Michaels teamed up and with “V” taking the lead on pork belly lettuce wraps (basically bacon fat in a cup!) “I” decided to whip up a shrimp salad to go with it.

Upon tasting, the pork bellies won the night earning the Michael’s their top spot. But when asked about his contribution, “I” honestly stated that he spent his time working on the shrimp salad that
was a disaster. Thus, he was called back as a loser while his partner took the prize. I guess that it’s only fair to judge the partners on their own merit, but since there were other big faux pas,
I’m not sure it was necessary in this case. The real losers in my book were Pretti and Laurine who made the same bow-tie pasta salad that I routinely prepare for my family. This is Top

Put some muscle into it. Since they couldn’t send them both home, they didn’t wiggle out of it like those America’s Got Talent judges, they bit the bullet and sent Pretti packing.

Project Runway hits the beachAnd that was just the start
of my night. I also watched Leverage, the So You Think You Can
special and the Ruby & the Rockits I missed from earlier in the week — all very enjoyable. Thank heavens
there’s a break tonight because I still have a few shows on the DVR to get to.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

Project Runway (10:00 Lifetime)

Competing on this show may not be a walk in the park, but tonight it’s going to be a stroll on the beach as the designers take on a very California challenge inspired by The OC star Rachel

Fringe (9:00 Fox)

Tonight’s episode is a repeat of the season finale, one you should review if you plan to watch the show in the fall. It’s also Tweat-Peat night, where the cast and crew will Twitter live during the
show tossing out comments, trivia and behind the scenes notes. To participate follow

Supernatural (9:00 The CW)

Set the recorder for this one, another must see finale episode if you plan on tuning in for the new season which begins next week. Tonight, Sam and Dean are at odds as they each follow a different
route toward stopping Lucifer from rising.

News and notable

If you cross through Penn Station in New York on your way to work, keep an eye out on September 8 for the hunky male models of Flaunt. They’ll be handing out Melrose Place promo items including cupcakes!

The cast of the new Melrose Place on the CW

Megan Mullally is joining the cast of Party Down on Starz.

Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk will guest on Chuck. That’s a match made in nerd heaven.

NBC is developing a US version of the UK hit Prime Suspect.

And the biggest news is Katherine Heigl leaving Grey’s
— but only for five episodes. The producers are saying they’re allowing her time off to film a movie but you have to wonder what this says about her future relationship with the
show. Sounds to me like she’s once again preparing for the big break and I say they’ll do fine without her.

Photo credit:

Toddlers & Tiaras — Pictured: The Sprinkle Sisters. Photo: TLC

Project Runway — Pictured: Mitchell Hall and Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman. Photo credit Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks 2009

Melrose Place Pictured: (l-r) Ashlee Simpson-Wentz as Violet, Colin Egglesfield as Auggie, Katie Cassidy as Ella, Laura Leighton as Sydney, Thomas Calabro as Dr. Michael Mancini, Stephanie
Jacobsen as Lauren, Shaun Sipos as David, Jessica Lucas as Riley, Michael Rady as Jonah. Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/The CW

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