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America’s Got Talent semifinals rock

America’s Got Talent begins its semi-final round while More to Love goes home with the final four. Also, SheKnows also looks at the fabulous Rachel Zoe Project!

Taylor continues to complain on The Rachel Zoe Project

Rachel Zoe Project recap

Fashion Week, such a bore. Rachel Zoe’s assistant Taylor is over it. She gets dragged to NY the week before Oscars and then she’s expected to spend her time styling a magazine shoot for Jennifer Garner. Isn’t that her job?

Isn’t she always complaining that she never gets to style anyone without Rachel directing every move? In the end though, it turns out that all of the carefully chosen outfits and accessories won’t
even be seen because it’s just a head and shoulder beauty shot.

Now that would make me royally mad, to all that work for nothing. Sounds like Taylor and Rachel are headed for a showdown in the next episode of The Rachel Zoe Project.

As much as we love fashion on TV, we seem to love cakes even more. Last night I watched the newest cake competition series The Ultimate Cake-off and my opinion is still the same as the
first time I watched it — it’s missing something.

Maybe it’s because they use teams of four and not two people that makes it harder to follow the detail?

In this episode, the teams had to make a cake for a pirate party. One poor contestant watched as half of his five-foot cake fell away like chunks of a glacier falling into the sea. It was so
heart-wrenching and yet it wasn’t enough to perk up this slow-moving series. Cool cakes, though, including one that had cannons shooting edible glitter.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

America’s Got Talent (9:00 NBC)

It’s the start of the semi-final round of America’s Got Talent and the acts you voted through will
perform for another chance to advance. Acts expected to appear tonight include wacky Grandma Lee, those dancing mommies the Fab 5 and Drew Thomas Magic.

More to Love goes home with the final fourMore to
(9:00 Fox)

It’s meet the family night with the final four contestants and then off to romantic one-on-one dates. It’s between Mandy, Tali, Anna and Malissa — which one has the most to love on More
to Love

Flipping Out (10:00 Bravo)

Tonight’s episode of Flipping Out is called Never Trust a Contractor so you can already see where
that’s going to go. Tune in for more of the obsessive antics of the former house-flipper you hate to love.

News and notable

The Walt Disney Company bought Marvel comics giving them rights to such characters as Spiderman and Iron Man. Word is they may use these
characters in the theme parks to help balance out their currently girl-heavy brand.

Fine Living Network will launch competition series Bartender Wars in October.

BET is betting on Monica: Still Standing, a docu-drama about the singer and mom, not to be confused with The Mo’Nique Show, a talk show with the comedian it’s named for.

TLC is developing yet another pageant show (yeah!). This one, called King of the Crown, is a docu-drama about beauty pageant coach Cy Frakes.

AMC has picked up a fourth season of Mad Men. How time flies.

Photo credit:

The Rachel Zoe Project — Pictured: Taylor Jacobson — Bravo Photo: Evans Vestal Ward

More to Love — Pictured: Luke (C) invites the remaining four women to his home in Santa Maria, California for a family barbeque. Patrick Wymore/Fox

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