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St Trinian’s School for Girls exclusive clips

St. Trinian’s School for Girls stars Mischa Barton, Colin Firth and Rupert Everett and we’ve got an exclusive clip from the October release. Don’t miss the Girls Aloud video from the film…SheKnows has that too and it rocks!

What is St Trinian’s?

Why, St Trinian’s is only Britain’s most notirous school for young women and Mischa
Barton portrays one of its alumni in a film that is uniquely and fantastically British. The institution of St. Trinian has yet again fallen on tough times as the bank is on the verge of closing
the school. Headmistress Camilla Fritton does not know what to do — her school must survive!

St Trinian's School for Girls

St. Trinian’s girls are smart and determined and nothing will get in the way of them ensuring that their school stays open. Not helping things is the fact that the school’s free
self-expression culture is under attack from the school’s new Education Minister (Firth).

Camilla Fritton is the school’s headmistress and despite her past relationship with Firth’s Education Minister, she is quite concerned about her school’s doors closing forever.

St. Trinian’s teachers and students must band together to save their school. A SOS the world will hear from the British Isles as this society of sisters from St Trinian’s Girls
plan to steal one of the world’s most famous paintings in order to Save St Trinian’s.

St Trinian’s exclusive clip 1

Rupert Everett and Colin Firth find themselves in a situation that is uniquely British in its humor. Yes, that’s Rupert Everett!

Music video calling for saving St Trinian!

The girls of St Trinian'sGirls
Aloud, one of Britain’s most popular girl-groups performs the film’s title track. Don’t miss the video for We Are St Trinian! The lyrics invite a must-listen:

Make us worthy, make us proud

Teach us not to be too loud

We’ll try to fit in with the crowd

But we are St Trinian’s

We can’t fake the way we feel

We were born to keep it real

Hockey sticks and balls of steel

We are St Trinian’s You bite us, we’ll bite you back

Better be scared when we attack

Feel the fear, we’re maniacs

St Trinian’s

Check out our battle cry

A song to terrify

No one can stand in our way

St Trinian’s School for Girls trailer:

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