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2009 Fall family film guide

A Christmas Carol

Release date: November 6

Stars: Jim Carrey, Robin Wright Penn, Gary Oldman

SheKnows movie fact: Director Robert Zemeckis utilized the actor-to-animated technology with Tom Hanks in the wildly successful The Polar Express.

Jim Carrey is Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

What it’s about: Pure Dickensonian storytelling at its best. Here, Jim Carrey portrays Scrooge, a man so rotten he ruins Christmas for dozens of families without so much as a
snicker of remorse. Famously three ghosts – past, present and future — visit Mr. Scrooge and by the time our story is complete…well, if you don’t know…the time is now to
witness the majesty of A Christmas Carol.

SheKnows first look:

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