Dr Drew speaks about DJ AM death

Dr Drew Pinskey is speaking out on the death of friend and costar DJ AM.

DJ AM will be missedDJ AM (real name Adam Goldstein) and Dr Drew
wrapped production on an MTV substance-abuse intervention show called Gone Too Far a month before the unexpected death. In the show, DJ AM
discussed his journey through addiction and recovery.

“The inspiration for the show is that I am a recovering drug addict. I have 11 years sober,” DJ AM said in an interview with MTV News weeks before his death. “Something I have always done since the
beginning of my sobriety is work with other addicts in recovery.”

Dr Drew and DJ AM became close during filming, and Dr Drew took to his Twitter to express his shock and sadness over Goldstein’s death — and to educate on the lingering dangers of addiction.

“I want to thank everyone for the kind words of support regarding my friend AM. It’s looking like another case of what we call iatrogenesis,” Dr Drew wrote.

“There is just a profound lack of appreciation of the impact of prescription drugs on the disease of addiction. This time I lost a friend.”

“Can’t tell you how often I have seen an Rx for anxiety or pain result in a full relapse on hard drugs. If the biology is activated even by appropriately prescribed medication, the disease awakens
and progresses — really without exception.”

Iatrogenesis is defined as adverse effects or complications caused by medical treatment or advice, including the adverse effects or interactions of prescription drugs. Police found multiple pill
bottles and a crack pipe near Goldstein’s body. An autopsy is underway.

DJ AM experienced a rough year personally: a plane crash spared his life and that of friend Travis Barker but left four others dead; a
brief reconciliation with girlfriend Mandy Moore only to see her marry Ryan Adams, and a breakup with girlfriend Hayley Wood in the days
leading up to his death.

DJ AM told MTV News in July how dark his days of using alcohol and drugs were. “I got so lost in my disease. I was gone,” he said. “I had forgotten, (and) I would have these little moments where I
would say, ‘Wow, I had goals. There was things that I wanted to do.'”

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