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Entertainment news of the week August 28, 2009: Jackson, Brown and Dion

These were the hottest entertainment news stories for the week ending in August 28, 2009.

Most stylish celebrity of the week

The single-shouldered dress makes another appearance: Haley Webb glows in this pretty, age-appropriate yellow print cocktail dress at the Los Angeles premiere of The Final Destination.

Michael Jackson death ruled a homicide

The LA coroner’s autopsy results were leaked by a police official, who says the death of Michael Jackson was officially ruled a
. This means not only will Jackson’s main pill pusher Dr Conrad Murray be busted, but that a whole lot of celebs will be out of luck when they try to feed their own addictions
after the LAPD puts the smackdown on the entire cottage industry of shady doctors prescribing unnecessary drugs under fake names.

Chris Brown sentenced in Rihanna beating

Beat-Down Chris Brown was given a harsh sentence by an unamused judge for beating the stuffing out of ex-gal pal Rihanna the night before
the Grammys. Brown will serve five years probation, six months physical labor, a year of domestic violence counseling and adhere to a five-year restraining order.

Celine Dion is pregnant

Singer Celine Dion is having another baby with her grandpa — er, husband. 41-year-old Celine conceived with frozen embryos left over from
the six-year struggle to conceive her first child, Rene-Charles.

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