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Rachel Zoe returns while The Closer closes

Rachel Zoe is back! This obsessive celebrity stylist makes me laugh as she manages to sound mellow and frantic all at the same time. When the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project begins tonight at 10:00 on Bravo, Rachel and her two-person team must get five celebs ready for the 2009 Golden Globes.

Kevin Bacon directs his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, in the season finale of The CloserZoe is dressing Anne Hathaway and Demi Moore and there’s no telling who else might pop up looking to try on a quarter of a million dollar
dress with $2 million worth of jewelry.

Need to get up to speed? Bravo is running a Rachel Zoe Project marathon all day — August 24! Oh, Got to run, the mailman just came by with the John Galliano for Dior gown I
ordered — a real steal at only $350,000.

Now I just need to find some matching shoes. You keep reading, I’m going to shop. More on Zoe below!

Tonight’s top TV picks:

The Closer (9:00 TNT)

It’s the summer finale of The Closer and it all begins when a woman is stabbed to death by a Ninja.

Enter Xander Berkeley playing a Texas detective who is determined to catch the killer just so he can bring him back home to face the death penalty for a murder in that state. This episode was
directed by star Kyra Sedgwick’s real life husband Kevin Bacon.

Want more Closer? The series will return with all new episodes in December.

Raising the Bar (10:00 TNT)

In this summer finale episode, Jerry has a long road to hoe as he defends a pregnant woman who is a heroin addict. Michelle, however, thinks the baby’s safety is more important than the woman’s

Rachel Zoe returns to dress the bestThe Rachel
Zoe Project
(10:00 Bravo)

My favorite kooky celebrity stylist is back for a second season of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. If you love celebs and fashion, this is the show for you.

News and notable

BET is thinking about picking up the canceled CW series The Game.

TLC has renewed The Little Couple for a second season.

MTV is in development on an American version of the controversial British teen drama Skins.

La Toya Jackson will be sitting in with the ladies of The View beginning on September 16.

Robin Williams has been offered an unusual roll — that of Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle. I’m not sure if she should be
pleased of offended.

Photo credit:

The Rachel Zoe Project — Pictured: Rachel Zoe — Bravo Photo: Andrew Durham

The Closer — Pictured: Kevin Bacon directs the episode staring Kyra Sedgwick. Photo: Karen Neal/TNT

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