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Jon Cryer: Shorts exclusive video interview

Shorts star Jon Cryer is on a roll of late. His Two and a Half Men continues to be the nation’s top comedy and now he’s starring in the nation’s number-one family film.

Cryer portrays a dad in Shorts to actor Jimmy Bennett in the film who comes into possession of a mysterious rock that grants all the wishes of its holder.

SheKnows caught up with both Cryer and Bennett alongside his on screen nemesis, Jolie Vanier. Vanier’s name in the is priceless for the eight-year-old bad girl she plays causing havoc to
Bennett’s Toe Thompson and anyone else who gets in her way.

The parents of Shorts: Jon Cryer and Leslie Mann are a little close

Cryer stars in Robert Rodriguez’s latest family film and tells SheKnows all about Shorts, losing John Hughes – who he starred for in Pretty in Pink — filming in Texas
with Rodriguez and whether he’ll return to the directing chair for Two and a Half Men or any other project for that matter.

On the next page, it’s SheKnows exclusive visit with Bennet and Vanier, but first, it’s Jon Cryer.

SheKnows exclusive interview with Shorts Jon Cryer

Up next…the kids of Shorts tell us why Robert Rodriguez is the perfect kid actor director and what life was like on screen with parents James Spader, Cryer and Leslie Mann.

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