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Project Runway recap plus weekend TV’s best

For Project Runway, I dedicated my entire evening. This was the start of the first season on Lifetime and a shift of locales from New York to Los Angeles and it was like a visit from an old friend.

Project Runway recap

Project Runway proves a challenge in its Lifetime premiereThe evening began with the Project Runway All-Star Challenge. Some of the biggest personalities from past seasons returned
for one shot at some big bucks. Santino, whom I adore, rocked the place with his humor, Sweet P did her usual wrong path with right results and Chris March slept — a lot. He’s wonderful. The only
thing I didn’t like about the show was the Restaurant Challenge.

They wanted to force the designers to work with unconventional materials, and I applaud that. The resulting designs were incredible, good work there.

But I thought it was totally unnecessary and highly inappropriate to have a group of respected designers destroy a room in a restaurant for a challenge. Yes, I know the producers paid big bucks to
set it up so they could do that but the images of broken glassware, smashed furniture and crushed food was really unnecessary. What a waste.

Daniel Vosovic was crowned the winner with Korto Momolu again coming in second. They were my top two choices, so bravo! Or should I say, Lifetime!

Heidi Klum leads another season of Project Runway

Project Runway: on to the show!

The first episode of the new season of Project Runway got rolling right away. The task is to create a red carpet dress for any kind of event. Out of the gate, airy Ari began working on a design that was completely out of left field. She told the judges
that her hot pant/quilted vest number was meant to be worn to the VMA’s in 2080 then the woman heads over to pick up her Nobel Prize on the same night. Auf wiedersehen, Ari.The weirdest thing of the night was the guest judge — Lindsay Lohan. Huh? Not really top on my list of fashion mavens and all she did was sit there and frown. A real low point in a great episode.

After Project Runway, Lifetime took us into the lives of the models
and this is going to be good. It’s only a half-hour which is perfect, just enough time to see all the snarking and back-stabbing as they compete with each other to land the winning designer.

If you missed Project Runway, Lifetime will be airing full episodes on beginning on the
Saturday after their Thursday debut. This is the first time the show will ever be streamed live on the Internet, so enjoy.

This weekend’s top TV picks:


Making Over America With Trinny and Susannah (10:00 TLC)

The hosts of the UK’s What Not To Wear are here in the US and they’re determined to make our country even more beautiful.

TLC is Making over AmericaEach week, the duo will pop in on
some unsuspecting woman (they did submit themselves to the show, so they know they need help) where they’ll give her a complete make-over.

We’re not just talking clothes, hair and make-up. Even more importantly, they’ll be working to make-over body and emotional issues that are keeping these women stuck in their old ways.


Ghostly Encounters Marathon (8:00 Bio)

It’s one spooky night as Bio presents four episodes of their series Ghostly Encounters including a new episode at 9:30. That’s followed by a new episode of Psychic Investigators. I
Want to Believe.


Miss Universe Pageant (9:00 NBC)

The lovely and talented ladies of the world have gathered in the Bahamas to compete for the ultimate beauty pageant prize.

Design Star (10:00 HGTV)

If they don’t like the designer, they’re going to let you know! Tonight, the designers have kids for clients and for a couple of them, this is going to be a huge challenge.

News and notable

Lifetime has renewed Drop Dead Diva. Be sure to check out our interview with Drop Dead Diva August 23 guest star Kathy

FX has given two new shows a series order, The League which is a sitcom about a fantasy football league in Chicago and Louie which stars Louis CK as a divorced dad raising two

ABC is bringing Better off Ted back from the dead.

Deadwood’s John Hawkes is joining ABC’s Lost.

Tony Danza will be teaching 10th grade English for an A&E reality show now that the school board has given their approval. (Don’t worry, there will be a real teacher working with the kids as

Photo credit:

Project Runway — Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks, 2009

Models of the Runway — Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks, 2009

Making Over America With Trinny And Susannah — Photo: Scott Grimes / TLC

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