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Octomom earns huge ratings

Nadya Suleman’s two-hour special on Wednesday night raked in 4.2 million viewers according to Fox. Take that, Jon & Kate Plus 8 who got 3 million viewers last Monday night.

Octomom scores huges ratings for FoxThere are some
people we simply cringe to write about. The Octomom is one of them. But
let’s face it, she’s a break from Michael Jackson custody and funeral coverage as well as the latest saga in the Jon and Kate break-up.

In an interesting twist for the multi-mama (or in this case multi-children) television niche, Nadya said in June that Kate was
“desperate for attention” and “over-emotional.” She also said that Kate needs to be stop being so judgmental and “stop pulling at straws for attention.”

Nadya mentioned that her eight infants are extremely healthy, strong and happy. It seems Nadya continued on and on about Kate but let’s not forget the details on Nadya: she has six older
children for a total of fourteen in her family. She was unemployed and on public assistance programs when the octuplets were conceived. Switching gears, focusing on the children, the octuplets are
only the second full set of octuplets born alive in our country.

One week after their birth they surpassed the previous worldwide survival rate for octuplets which was set back in 1998. Nadya Suleman’s reputation is mixed, however, and quite controversial
given the circumstances of the high order multiple birth.

She created quite a stir when public opinion soured and discovered she’s a single mom and was not financially independent. In any event, her television special certainly made a splash!

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