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Inside All About Steve

All About Steve stars Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper are hoping for a home run with the September 4 release of their latest comedy. Cooper is fresh off his career-making turn in The Hangover and Bullock is back after her hit The Proposal charmed audiences.

All About Steve

HD trailer

Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper in the same film? The potential is there for the pair to create chemistry. In this All About
preview, you decide — is it All About Steve…or Sandra!

All about all about steve

Bradley Cooper is a cable news cameraman, who yes, happens to have the moniker of Steve.

The 20th Century Fox film centers on Bullock’s character’s singular sensational obsession with the blue-eyed, easy-on-the-eyes Bradley Cooper. Don’t take our word for it — check out
the All About Steve set visit!

If it's all about Steve, and Bradley Cooper is Steve -- we're in

Bullock portrays Mary Horowitz. Mary is, what we like
to call, a crossword puzzle artist. In other words, Mary crafts the crosswords that challenge hundreds of millions. What Bullock’s Mary can not figure out is why Steve is not quite

In what begins with a blind date that is the picture of hilarity (scene below!), Bullock and Cooper are the latest thespians to try to capture that most difficult of caldrons, movie chemistry.

Crossword puzzle constructor Mary follows Steve all over the country as his cable news camera man covers the country. Bullock is convinced Steve and Mary are meant to be of the highest order.

Thomas Hayden Church co-stars as Steve’s main-man reporter, Hartman Hughes. Is that not the most perfect of local news names? Maybe, just below Ron Burgundy.

The First Date scene from All About Steve

Will they or won’t they?

Let us know your thoughts on All About Steve, Sandra Bullock or Bradley Cooper below!

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