America's Got Talent recap: quarterfinal 3

Aug 19, 2009 at 1:35 p.m. ET

America's got Talent had one of the better collection of acts this week so let's get right down to it.

America's Got Talent's Footworkingz

The Footworkingz

We begin our America's Got Talent recap with The Footworkingz, a dance crew out of Chicago. They've got the usual story about being from the streets and trying to make something of their lives. Just once I'd like to see a crew that opens with, we're rich kids from Beverly Hills and we dance cause we're bored. The opening is kind of sloppy but once they get to the synchronized footwork they really rock -- very inventive, very talented. I think they'll make the top five.

Next was Marcus Terrell & the Serenades. Back at the auditions, he was told to dump his backup singers because they weren't coming up to his level. It was tough for him to do, but he replaced them with a new set of Dreamgirls and it's a class act. He sang Mercy and it looked like a routine right out of Ed Sullivan. Is it me or is that one singer the girl who played Guy's girlfriend in That Thing You Do? I like them but I'm not sure they've got the power to make it through.

I cringe as the next group takes the stage. They call themselves Pixie Mystere, a dance troupe of young girls that would be wholly inappropriate on the Vegas stage. Yes, they're cute and their number was fun but why do we let children into this competition when the prize is a gig in Vegas.

Miserable magic

Wild card pick Jay Mattioli takes the stage next with his horrendous magic act. I know this kid wants to breath some new life into the old biz but frankly...he's setting magic back fifty years. He tries to get crowd support by producing an American flag out of some scarves, then nearly kills a poor puppy when is final trick comes to a sloppy finish. There's no chance this guy is making it through unless he lands in the judges choice spot, then Sharon will save him because of the dog.

The next act was seventeen-year-old singer-pianist Bri. She did this odd, Lady Gaga version of Poker Face and I thought it sounded like a cat drowning in a bucket. The judges loved it. I must be tone deaf.

If you're wondering about the next acts' name, try pronouncing it out loud. U4RIA came on with a dance routine in an insane asylum. Clever idea but I don't think they're the sharpest dance crew we've seen. There's definitely one of the better wild card acts.

We start heading down hill with Dave Johnson, the guy who sang the funny song about David Hasselhoff taking the stage. This time he's got a comic tune about the Golden Girls which starts off funny but bores me by the end. He's out of his league.

Will Hairo be the one on America's Got TalentHairo Torres comes out next on the America's Got Talent stage with his unusual contortionist dance routine. This time he's got about a nerd whose body begins to dance when he sees a street crew perform. I thought it was clever and fun to watch but he ran out of steam mid-way through the routine. The judges keep saying he can't be an act all by himself, but they don't say that to the solo singers. What's the difference? Few people in Vegas perform without backup dancers, singers, and props. This kid would be fine.

G-Force grind

Not so fine is the mini-girl group G-Force -- first of all, horrible name. They're pre-teens in pink and they're awful. Yeah, so they can play the guitar and drums but they can't sing worth a damn. We won't see them in the top five.

Next up was Jeffrey Ou and a major technical problem. He's a pianist and half way through his routine his piano mike shuts down so it's like watching a movie with the sound off. The backup orchestra is still playing but despite seeing his hands pounding away on the keys you can't hear a piano! Not ready for Vegas, unless he gets a sympathy vote, he'll be out with the next cut.

Jenny and Mario get hotMario & Jenny are up next and they're about as Vegas as you can get. The theme is flaming guitars. Mario looks like a demonic wizard and the guitar juggling is pretty cool. The act really takes hold when he begins spinning this flaming cube. Wow. Now this is an act.

Lawrence Beamen finishes the night with a slow, smooth take on You Are So Beautiful. There's no doubt this guy has a voice but I don't know if there was enough power in the number to get votes.

Now here's who I think will make the America's Got Talent top five tonight. The Footworkingz, Mario and Jenny, Hairo Torres, Marcus Terrell & the Serenades and Bri.

Agree or disagree? Who do you think should make it into the next round?

Watch America's Got Talent tonight at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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