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Hannah Montana The Movie exclusive

Hannah Montana best friend Emily Osment shares an exclusive look into the world of Hannah Montana The Movie. Osment provides a priceless look inside the world of a pop culture phenomenon that knows no bounds.

Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment have grown quite close working on HannahOsment first began portraying Miley Cyrus’ onscreen best friend Lilly Truscott in 2006 — and 75 episodes later, Hannah
is about to begin its final season.

Before Miley, Emily and the Hannah Montana world come to a close, the pop culture earthquake produced a big screen movie that is
available August 18 on DVD and Blu-ray.

Osment shares unequaled access to the ‘tween world’s biggest institution that is only available here at SheKnows. Your kids will flip for Hannah Montana The Movie.

The actress is the sister of Haley Joel Osment and is no stranger to film or television.

Emily starred in Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids trilogy as well as guest appearances on some of television’s biggest hits including Friends, Touched by an Angel
and Third Rock from the Sun.

Montana madness

SheKnows: When you first started working on the Hannah Montana show, if there was any inkling that what you were working on was something truly special?

Emily Osment: No, I don’t think any of us on the set ever thought it would get this big. We are so fortunate to be able to work on a show that was widely accepted by so many
different types of people. It continues. We’re working on season four next year and we just keep going.

Hannah Montana: The Movie is out now on DVDSheKnows: It’s so unique, what was your first reaction to the art-imitating-life premise of the show?

Emily Osment: I think you’re right. It’s art imitating life in the fact that it’s Miley basically. I remember sitting in a room with her when she was like,
“maybe I should do my own music?” (Laughs) I totally remember that. Ever since then, it’s just been crazy.

SheKnows: For you, as a younger performer of her age, was Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus a nice presence on the Hannah Montana set?

Emily Osment: He’s everybody’s favorite guy. He’s so funny and really laid back.

Hannah Montana on TV versus screen

SheKnows: When you get a chance when you pour so much into a show as you do and you have a chance to take it to the big screen, how was that process filming it for film versus

Emily Osment: When shooting for television, it’s very fast paced and the schedule is always the same. When we shoot a movie, the light would change and we’d wait around
for five hours. So, it was very different experience. It just takes so much longer to shoot a The Hannah Montana Movie than the show, Hannah Montana. Filming the movie was a
fantastic experience.

Emily Osment on Hannah MontanaSheKnows:
Plus, judging by some of those landscapes, the shooting on location aspect would be a welcomed change.

Emily Osment: It was sort of strange. We’re so used to fake sand on set (laughs). We actually got to go to the beach. It took us out of our element, for sure, but it was
weird because we were playing the same characters.

Brotherly love leads to second Osment superstar

SheKnows: For you as a performer, obviously you discovered a joy of performing at an early age, because you got into it so early. What was it that inspired you to say, ‘Mom,
dad… I want to go on this audition.’

Emily Osment: I grew up watching my brother (The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment) act. It looked like so much fun, so I got into it not really knowing what it was —
just goof around in front of a camera. You could talk trouble without actually being in trouble. It was a different world for me and I just loved it. It’s a great way to express myself. I
love it.

SheKnows: I know the hours are long and the pressure can be much, it’s safe to say, not quite work when you love it as much as you do…

Emily Osment: I can’t call it work. It’s not really work.

Emily Osment in Spy Kids 2

Emily on Robert Rodriguez

SheKnows: Someone who you have worked with and I just adore and spoke to last week for Shorts is Robert Rodriguez. Could you talk a little bit about his creative process
for Spy Kids? You worked with someone so creative — not once — but twice.

Emily Osment: He is incredibly creative. It was a big thrill. I’ll be honest with you. He lives in a castle. He had trampolines and go carts. It was like heaven. We went
there all the time when we were shooting. He has this water hose at the top of his castle. He can sit there and douse someone when they’re coming up the driveway. He’s like a big kid.
He’s so much fun to work with and to see the stuff he’s created.

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