Rob Thomas answers your questions

Our readers asked Rob Thomas 10 questions — and the superstar singer has all the answers to those burning queries.

Rob Thomas is enjoying the success of his next solo CD, Cradle Song, and hitting the road. (Stay tuned to SheKnows for our giveaway of tickets to Rob’s shows!)

Until then, check out how Matchbox Twenty and solo singer Rob Thomas answered SheKnows’ questions!

Rob Thomas will answer your questions, SheKnows readers!

The Mom rocker?

Question ?SheKnows reader Joan
Hi Rob. After all the years, all the accomplishments, and all the sweat and tears you’ve put into your career, does it bother you when the media coins you as “Mom Rocker”? It
bothers me.

Rob Thomas: The truth is what they’re calling ‘moms’ are just people my age. What they’re really saying is that I make music for people my own age. At
37-years-old, if I made music that was just for teenagers or only meant for a “younger demographic,” it would be disingenuous. What bothers me is that when it’s said — it’s
not meant to be nice.

Question ?SheKnows reader
Stephanie Mundi:
Hi Rob, I know you’re a fan of the ’80s and a lot of your new songs on Cradle Song sound like they fell right out of that era. My question to you is, what
’80s movie and or character best describes you and why?

Rob Thomas: In high school, I was Say Anything — but after, I
was St Elmo’s Fire.

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