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HawthoRNe and Saving Grace finales

Two TNT strong female centric shows say farewell for the season tonight — Saving Grace and Jada Pinkett Smith’s HawthoRNe.

Make It or Break It recap

But first, last night everyone aired their dirty laundry on Make It or Break It. Follow this, if you can. Just days before Nationals, Sasha throws Carter off the team for dating one of the
girls thanks to a tip from Summer which she later confesses to the other three moms. Kaylie threatens to quit to be with Carter so he tells her he slept with someone else in order to keep her from
throwing away her dream. Crushed, Kaylie runs away and her friends follow, leading to a confrontation where Lauren admits that she was the one who slept with Carter and confesses that her
charity-worker mother is really a down and out drug addict. Kaylie tells the girls about her mother’s affair with coach Marty and Payson confesses to taking cortisone without a doctor or her
parent’s permission.

Make It or Break It is heading towards a mid-season finale

Geez, all Emily has to worry about is her mom getting back together with an old boyfriend who seems like a nice enough guy despite his attempts to buy the approval of the kids. Next week, it’s a
full day Make it or Break it marathon leading up to the mid-season finale. The girls have finally made it to Nationals but they’ll have to set all the drama aside if they want to claim top
honors as a team.

On the subject of drama queens, remember last week when the world was a flutter about Chima’s possible televised tantrum on Big Brother. Word was that the producers were so worried they
pre-taped the eviction show in order to avoid large fines from censors. Then we all watched and it was nothing. Apparently, the fireworks began after the segment aired because this past Sunday,
Chima was removed from the Big Brother house by producers. They’re claiming she broke the rules, which may have included destroying her mandatory microphone pack. Chima’s claiming it was
all her idea, of course and we’ll see the fall out from all of it tonight.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

Big Brother 11 (9:00 CBS)

It was supposed to be a double eviction tonight but now that Chima’s been ousted, how will that effect the game? Tune in tonight’s Big Brother 11 and find out.

HawthoRNE bids goodbye

HawthoRNe (9:00 TNT)

It’s the mid-season finale of TNT’s newest drama. Christina must deal with the fact that David’s cancer has returned and there may be no reprieve this time around. Isabel tries to get Bobbie’s leg
back and Candy hits Ray with some big news.

Saving Grace (10:00 TNT)

This series also heads into its final hiatus with Earl telling Grace there’s something important she has to do…only he doesn’t know what…yet. Meanwhile, she must deal with the case of a
well-known doctor who shot an intruder in his house. The puzzle goes together neatly but Grace’s instinct says there’s a piece out of place.

News and notable

According to People, Shania Twain will be sitting in on the American Idol judging panel in Chicago at the end of the month.

Comedian Steve Harvey is joining the crew at Good Morning America.

Superbad star Dave Franco has signed on with Scrubs.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Will & Grace showrunner Gary Janetti will return to NBC with a half hour comedy about a gay man and a straight man who are best friends.

Photo credit:

Make It or Break It — Pictured: Chelsea Hobbs, Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo. Photo: ABC Family/Isabella Vosmikova.

HawthoRNe — Pictured: Hannah Hodson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Joanna Cassidy. Photo: TNT/Eric McCandless.

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