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Gossip Girl exclusive clip

Gossip Girl season two DVD is in stories August 18 capturing the best of the show’s sophomore season. Included in the home video release is four hours of additional content.

Warner Brothers has provided SheKnows with an exclusive clip from Gossip Girl season 2 DVD, entitled Boyfriend.

Gossip Girl exclusive clip

Gossip Girl season two DVD highlights

Gossip Girl season two DVD is in stores nowJust in time
for the premiere of season three, the Gossip Girl season two DVD features all 25 episodes from the show’s second year as
well as a bounty of extras.

The season two DVD is a seven-disc set centers around our favorite Upper East Siders as they embark on their senior year of high school. Blair (Leighton Meester), Chuck (Ed Westwick), Nate (Chace
Crawford), Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Badgley) are far from the usual high school
cliques on TV. Why we love Gossip Girl is because of the cast’s adventures amongst the playgrounds of the rich and famous.

The DVD also includes a rare treat: the downloadable audio book of Gossip Girl: You Know You Love Me by Cecily von Ziegsar — as read by Christina Ricci!

The bonus features are a joy including the requisite gag reel that with these charming and funny actors, actually works as opposed to other gag reels that simply placed in the DVD bonus features
because they have to be included.

A fascinating featurette is the 5th Avenue Meets Gossip Girl that allows viewers to have a visual tour of the New York landmarks that make up Gossip Girl’s landscape.

Central to the show is it’s look from high fashion to Dan’s Brooklyn digs. The short feature Faces Behind the Design showcases the artists behind the show’s art and
fashion. Also terribly funny is the webisodes that Blair’s trusted maid taped over the last year — Chasing Dorota.

Blair and Serena make a list on Gossip Girl

Lastly, the unaired scenes are definitely a plus to this Gossip Girl season two DVD. It’s nice to see what didn’t make
the cut and how these scenes play into the overall dramatic arc of one of the hottest shows on television.

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