Sarah Burns exclusive interview

Aug 18, 2009 at 3:04 p.m. ET

Sarah Burns describes the moment she realized she had made it in show business -- filming a dinner scene with the cast of I Love You, Man.

Sarah smiles in I Love You, Man"We were filming with the whole group – Jon Favreau, Andy Samberg, Rashida Jones, Jane Curtin, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Jaime Pressly, JK Simmons and Jane Curtin...and me," Burns recalled.

The comedienne, who has also appeared on HBO's Flight of the Concords, had to quickly pull it together after her star-struck moment.

"I was the first person to have the camera on me to do my bit. I took in the room. I felt like passing out. It was so exciting. I was terrified. I'm going to have to be funny now in front of all these people. Let's hope I'm funny."

Her professional improv training kicked in and Burns was fine. "I thought, 'I can't believe I get to do this.' It was trial by fire. That was very, very cool."

The I Love You, Man DVD and Blu-ray are out now and Burns shares insight into the summer's best comedy to bring home.

Sarah smiles

SheKnows: First of all, laughed my tail off at I Love You, Man

Sarah Burns: Yay!

SheKnows: Oh my goodness, so funny! I was curious…how difficult was it to get through a take during filming?

Sarah Burns: It was impossible sometimes. Especially the dinner scene that we filmed for the engagement party with Jane Curtin, JK Simmons, Andy Samberg, John Favreau, Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones and Jason Segel, Jaime was impossible to keep it together. I think JK also suffered because he ate 5 million shrimp. That's how method he is (laughs), but it was so hard to keep it together. I think it took 9 million takes, especially where Jason gives the speech about returning the favor.

SheKnows: (Laughing)

Sarah Burns: (Laughs) It was so hard because he would come up with new things every time he did a take. It was so fun. It didn't feel like work. The cameras were rolling, so it was work…it was so hard.

SheKnows: We had an exclusive clip from I Love You, Man with the theatrical release where it was just all you girls. It's where Jaime Pressly announces she's pregnant and you say, 'ooh.'

Jamie Pressly, Sarah Burns and Rashida Jones in I Love You, Man

Sarah Burns: Hmm...

SheKnows: That was so funny...

Sarah Burns: Thank you!

SheKnows: It was the most honest thing.

I Love You, Man honesty

Sarah Burns: It is honest actually, you know you see a couple and you know they're going out and you get this picture in your head of them…it might make me a's just what I was thinking. It was improv. As soon as I said it I knew everyone would know my filthy, dirty secret. I get a flash of other people's sex lives. Oh, God…

SheKnows: I think this may be a moment that you're speaking for the masses…you're speaking the unspoken. Speaking of funny, Jaime Pressly, always treasured her comic timing. For you as a fellow performer, what did you take away from the great Jaime Pressly?

Jamie Pressly, Rashida Jones and Sarah Burns take a walk

Sarah Burns: She's really generous. She's been at this professionally longer than I have. She was really generous with me and really encouraging -- because this is my first feature film. She was just like Rashida, so generous and I know I'm not the first person to make this comparison, but she reminds me so much of Lucille Ball in her classic comedy. Her beautiful, big, expressive eyes can level you in a comic moment or give you so much. I love playing with her. I love improvising with her. I was seventh heaven.

Working with a hero

SheKnows: Of all the people you shared screen time with, or worked alongside, if there was a person or an experience that sticks out for you?

Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Jane Curtin and JK Simmons in I Love You, Man

Sarah Burns: I hope I'm not repeating…but Jane Curtin blows my mind. She's so funny and so good. She's so present as a comedienne. I would just watch her. Again, the dinner scene at the Chinese restaurant, she was sitting on the apple box providing an eye line, she was 100-percent in the scene. She's funny and inventive.

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