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Has Prince William proposed?

Has Prince William popped the question to girlfriend Kate Middleton? Prince William is center of the latest headlines of ‘are they or aren’t they?’ Perhaps, the better question is when and where?

Is he or isn't he?Keep this in mind: the prince and
Middleton have been on-again, off-again, on-again for eight years. According to News of the World, the couple has reached “an understanding” and by that we mean their
relationship will end in a walk down the aisle.

Royal watchers don’t get the wedding rice out just yet though. We hear it’ll be a lengthy engagement as the vows will not occur between Prince William and Kate Middleton until 2011. And that’s at the earliest. As per News of the World, Kate should be on the palace balcony as a
princess when the Queen celebrates the commemorative Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

The Diamond Jubilee is a rather extra-bang celebration, marking sixty years on the throne. Buckingham Palace sounds like it will be quite busy within the next three years between the wedding and
then Queen Elizabeth’s celebration.

While many have seen photos of Kate Middleton, few have heard her speak. Media experts may perhaps be clamoring to train her as there’s no doubt she will be immersed in the spotlight once a
ring and a wedding date have been confirmed. As royal watchers also wonder if Prince Charles will ever inherit the throne, odds are all eyes will be on Prince William, the next heir in line.

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