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Dancing with the Stars cast breakdown

ABC has announced the Dancing with the Stars celebrity cast who will be tripping the light fantastic on the ninth season. It’s an interesting Dancing with the Stars mix and we handicap the race right out of the gate.

Tom and Sam are ready for the new season of Dancing with the Stars

The Athletes

Michael Irvin – Athlete: Football

Football players have traditionally done very well on the show. They’ve got the fancy footwork and drive. I expect Irvin to be around for awhile but I don’t see him winning.

Chuck Liddell – UFC Fighter

Chuck may look tough but. . . well, he is tough. This mixed martial arts fighter has worked his way up to become the most well known man in the sport. My son studies this type of fighting and I’m
always saying how much it resembles dancing. You have to have the coordination of a dancer, the weight shifts, the muscle control and fast reflexes. I’m betting he’ll do better than anyone thinks
as long as ego doesn’t get in the way.

Louie Vito – Athlete: Snowboarding

I know nothing at all about this young man but his background suggests he’ll fair well on the show. He has the Olympic drive, fearlessness and youth in his corner.

Natalie Coughlin – Athlete: Swimmer

This young woman won a medal in every single Olympic ever she has ever entered making her the most decorated female athlete at both the 2008 and 2004 games. This is a girl who
doesn’t like to lose. I’m marking her as a favorite to win.

The Performers

Donny Osmond – Singer/Actor

Donny’s one of those contestants that could get by on charm alone. He’s got a huge fan base and the advantage of having a sister who already competed on the show. I don’t think he’ll
be the best dancer, but I think, barring injuries, he’ll make it to the finals.

R&B singer Mya is set to star on Dancing with the StarsMacy Gray – Singer

This award-wining singer has music in her corner and the ability to mix it up. Don’t know why but I’m feeling like she won’t be as good as she should be.

Mya – Singer

This Grammy Award-winning singer had a role in the musical Chicago and I say she’s got what it takes to make it through to the finals of Dancing with the Stars. But does she have a big enough fan following (compared to some of the others) to keep her in it to win it?

Aaron Carter – Singer

This former teen idol could be spending his time backstage commiserating with Donny Osmond over the perils of screaming fan girls who attack your tour bus. He’s certainly got the musical chops and
the dance background but does he have the drive? I’m not so sure.

Kelly Osbourne – Singer/Reality Personality

Daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, Kelly is probably best known from her family’s reality show and I don’t think that’s going to gain her any points with the DWTS crowd. I’m marking her off as
one of the first to go.

Melissa Joan Hart – Actress

Though she’s the mother of two and a TV producer, to most of the world she’s still Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. I don’t know if she can dance but she has two young children so she has
stamina and the ability to juggle. A very smart business woman, she may play it safe at the start and come out to win it by mid-season.

Debi Mazar – Actress

ABC is pushing her as an actress, but Debi was a hip-hop backup dancer in her early years, even appearing on four Madonna videos. I think she could be a real surprise on the dance floor.

Mark Dacascos – Actor

Mark could easily be listed with the athletes as well as the performers. Know for playing The Chairman on Iron Chef America, he’s really a martial arts master and often participates in
elaborate fight scenes in movies and on TV. If he can get the fans behind him, Mark could be in it until the finale.

Kathy Ireland – Model/Actress

This former supermodel spends most of her days doing charity work while raising her family. A smart and lovely lady, I’m not sure she’ll make it past the mid-way point.

Ashley Hamilton – Actor

Every Dancing with the Stars season they have one good looking guy that makes you go — who? This time around it’s the son of
former contestant George Hamilton. A good looking guy, Ashley’s bio says he’s a multi-talented, multi-hyphenate. Say what? He’s going to have to be fabulous in order to stay in this game.

Joanna joins Dancing with the StarsThe Drama

Tom Delay – Politician

This is the Republican Congressional leader who was brought up on charges of money laundering. Granted, the case has never gone to trial, but I don’t think an ethically challenges
politician belongs on Dancing with the Stars. I hope he’s the first to go.

Joanna Krupa – Model

Oh, my ABC is one smart cookie. You all remember Joanna? The supermodel who made a name for herself by mouthing off on The
? She’s got the body, she’s got the athletic ability, but you know ABC only cast her so they could capitalize on her bad attitude. I can just imagine the rehearsal packages now.

I’m going to be brave now and make a prediction sight unseen. I’m predicting either Louie Vito or Natalie Coughlin will win.

Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars begins
Monday, September 21 with a two-hour performance show. Then, there will be a double elimination on September 23.

Who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars? Let us know along with any other comments you have about this season’s interesting cast.

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