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The Closer continues

Kyra Sedgwick’s daughter, Sosie Bacon, continues her guest stint on The Closer.

Design Star recap

But first, it was a poignant episode of Design Star this past weekend when the teams worked their design magic for two military families. I’m sure both families were thrilled with the
upgrades to their standard base housing in the end but some of the design choices left me scratching my head. One team hung curtains — on nails — so they can’t be closed. And it’s clear they
weren’t designing with children in mind as they both built low level, open entertainment centers leaving all of the goodies in reach of little hands.

Ron Livingston stars in Defying GravityThe best bit of the
night on Design Star was when Antonio and Torrie got into it over paint colors. The homeowner said she liked beige and brown so Torrie wanted to paint the already boring room tan. Antonio
said clients don’t know what they want, that’s why they hired designers. He wanted to paint the room blue and to seal the deal he “accidentally” forgot to buy the tan paint. Later, at judging, he
stood up for his decision in a big way and it won him praise from the panel. If someone was giving me a $10,000 room make-over, I wouldn’t care if they painted the walls orange. It’s like a bad
haircut — it can always be redone.

I also watched Defying Gravity, the ABC soap in space and I still don’t like the flashbacks but the main story is great. Last night was the true illustration of the phrase; throw a wrench
into the works, as the crew struggled to track down the source of several ship malfunctions. But surprise, surprise, instead of it being the handiwork of the thing in the pod, it turned out to be
the result of a wrench left behind during repairs…or was it…?

It makes me want to go contemplate the wonders of the universe, or at least my navel. I’ll do that, you keep reading.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (8:00 ABC)

Patricia Heaton, Star of ABC’s new comedy The Middle, will be playing for charity tonight. They’ll also look back at the show’s history with a nod to Brian Fodera, the second person to
lose on the first question. I’m not sure what’s worse, looking right out of the gate, or going all the way only to lose on the million dollar question.

Patricia Heaton wins cash for charity on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The Closer (9:00 TNT)

What appears to be a drug deal gone bad on The Closer leads to a shooting in a school parking lot. Then Fritz has a few objections when Brenda brings her niece into the case.

Kyra Sedgwick shows Maternal Instincts on tonight's The Closer

Flipping Out (10:00 Bravo)

Jeff Lewis, the compulsive, obsessive house flipper is back for a third season, but with the economy the way it is, he’s going to have to find all new ways of making some bank. Come along for the
bumpy ride as Jenni, Ryan and Zoila do their best to keep from flipping out as they spend their days with the toughest boss in the real estate biz.

Victoria Beckham joins the American Idol gang for a day

News and notable

Jerry Seinfeld will have the honor of being Jay Leno’s first guest on his new primetime show with premieres September 14 at 10:00 pm on NBC.

American Idol auditions are underway with Victoria Beckham helping out in Denver and Mary J. Blige due to take on Atlanta.

Paula Abdul has backed out of both Dancing with the Stars and Ugly
. Where oh where will she turn up next?

Sticking with the musical theme, Mariah Carey has canceled her Today Show Concert Series appearance set for August 28. Word is Miley Cyrus will fill the vacant spot.

Ashley Tisdale might be singing her heart out on America’s Got Talent this week.

Photo credit:

Defying Gravity — Pictured: Florentine Lahme, Ron Livingston, Laura Harris. Photo: ABC/Kharen Hill.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire — Pictured: Patricia Heaton, Regis Philbin. Photo: ABC/Steve Fenn.

American Idol — Pictured: L-R: Randy Jackson, Guest Judge Victoria Beckham, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell at the Denver, Colorado auditions. Michael Becker/Fox

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