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Mad Men returns while Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

Mad Men and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami lead our look at the weekend’s best TV.

Big Brother 11 recap

But first, CBS rumored their way into a nice ratings win last night that seems to have pleased most Big Brother fans. Jeff used his power of Coup D’Etat to overthrow all of Chima’s eviction
choices, resulting in Jessie going home instead of Russell. Yes, it was a big moment but where was the threatened tantrum from Chima.

Jesse has his moment on Big Brother 11

I can buy that CBS edited out anything too inflammatory, but certainly they would have left a good portion of her antics. But there weren’t any outside of her muttering that she was going to have a
talk with the producers. I’ve looked around the internet and haven’t found any evidence that something big happened behind the scenes. So if you’ve got the scoop on that let me know in the comments

I finally got caught up on the Leverage episode from earlier in the week. A switcharoo designed to hide Gina Bellman’s real-life
pregnancy had Sophie working the con from behind the desk while Nate and the others were in the field. It was a believable plot twist and it gave us a different view of each of the characters.
Aldis Hodge, as usual, stole the show with his portrayal of a conspiracy crazy tin hat. Always amusing.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, I have a new found love of old X-Files reruns. They air every night on Syfy and I’m having a great time revisiting the excellent storytelling and the
quirky characters. Right now they’re airing episodes that are early enough in the shows’ run that they don’t get bogged down in the complex mythology that’s good news for casual fans who just want
to watch an episode here or there.

Mental finales on FridayThis weekend’s top TV


Mental (8:00 Fox)

It’s a huge two-hour season finale of Mental as Jack and the team are taken hostage by a man who thinks he’s a werewolf. Also up, a man who may have cut off his own fingers in order to
collect disability payments.


Househusbands of Hollywood (9:00 Fox Reality)

These five Hollywood guys keep the home fires burning while their wives head out to work. It’s a new docu-drama from Fox that stars former Dodger Bill Ashley, aspiring actor Danny Barclay, Tempestt
Bledsoe’s husband Darryl M. Bell, The Gentleman Bandit Charlie Mattera and former Marine Corps sniper, now married to Jillian Reynolds, Grant Reynolds. This oughta be good.


Mad Men (10:00 AMC)

AMC’s acclaimed dramatic series Mad Men returns for a third season. Details about the upcoming episodes have been kept tightly under wraps but the ad for the show has Don Draper sitting in
a chair as the room around him fills with water.

January Jones in the third season of AMC's Mad MenSounds
like there will be rough seas ahead for everyone’s favorite ad man.

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami (10:00 E!)

The Kardashian sisters take Miami by storm in this new series on E! Perfect timing for a series launch, too, as Kourtney Kardashian
recently made news with the announcement that she’s pregnant. Honestly, I’m almost afraid to look.

News and notable

The biggest, inexplicable news of the day is the cancelation of Saving Grace by TNT. The series, in it’s third season is running nine episodes this summer and was due to air the back six
in with winter. TNT has given the producers an order for three more along with instructions to wrap it up. The reason seems to be purely financial since the show is both a ratings and critical
success with star Holly Hunter receiving several Emmy nominations for her role.

Comedy Central has canceled Reno 911.

ABC is in development on a series based on the Brat Pack movie St. Elmo’s Fire.

Photo credit:

Big Brother — Pictured: Jessie and Natalie. Photo: Best possible screen grab/CBS

Mental — Pictured: Jack (Chris Vance, L) and the team are held hostage in Jack’s loft by Ellis (guest star Joseph D. Reitman, R), a man who tried to check himself into the psych ward at
Wharton Memorial but was turned away. Fox Broadcasting Company, Jeff Neira

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