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Bandslam: behind the scenes

Vanessa Hudgens stars in Bandslam and could serve as the film to send her beyond the High School Musical galaxy to the A-list world of universal celebrity.

Bandslam opens August 14 and we’ve got some incredible looks at the Vanessa Hudgens-starring film as well as some video
behind-the-scenes footage. And music, this is a rock n’ roll movie, we’ve got plenty of that too!

Behind the scenes: at CBGB

Even thought it does not exist anymore, the legendary New York landmark has a starring role in Summit Entertainment’s Bandslam. Check it out!

Extended Bandslamp clip!

This clip is entitled The 5 is Silent. What could quiet or rock n’ roll lovers?

Bandslam works on many levels because of its embracing of the let-it-all-hang-out drive of today’s youth coupled with their passion for pursuing their dreams.

Vanessa Hudgens rocks in Bandslam

Behind the scenes: The Music

At the core of Bandslam is the music. In this behind the scenes look, Bandslam takes SheKnows into the belly of the beast
of rock n’ roll.

behind the scenes: Battle of the Bands

Finally, SheKnows gives you a behind the scenes look at the war at the center of Bandslam, the Battle of the Bands.

Bandslam opens nationwide today, August 14. Twilight Saga: New Moon fans will also get a delicious treat: the latest trailer for New Moon.

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