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Kelly Clarkson’s Photoshop cover

Kelly Clarkson is on the cover of Self and the original American Idol says the photo has been altered.

Kelly Clarkson on SelfClarkson’s American
very first winner and all around talented performer. With American Idol in the news so much lately for Paula
departure, sometimes it’s easy to forget the megawatt careers the talent show has launched.

While Jennifer Hudson has also been in the news lately for the birth of her son, let’s not forget about Clarkson and her latest chart
topping album.

Consider this: Clarkson’s single, My Life Would Suck
Without You
, catapulted from number 97 to number one on the Hot 100 in its first week of release — literally smashing the record for the largest leap to the top spot in chart

Her first four albums, Thankful (2003), Breakaway (2004), My December (2007), and All I Ever Wanted (2009) have sold over 10 million copies in the country. So
it’s a shame that despite all of her success, people are talking incessantly about her weight.

Case in point: gracing the cover of Self magazine, the controversy is brewing. Was she or was she not Photoshopped? Kelly herself doesn’t have an issue with her weight but it looks
like the magazine might. The magazine has said they retouched Clarkson’s cover shot for her to “look her personal best.”

The irony is this: the story in Self about Clarkson includes quotes where she talks about her weight. “When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I
don’t. I’m fine!,'” Clarkson said.

“I’m never trying to lose weight – or gain it,” she added. “I’m just being!”

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