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10 top movie studs, starring Ashton Kutcher

Christian Bale's buff bod in American Psycho5. Warren Beaty in Shampoo

No one was hotter in Hollywood during his day than Warren Beatty when the film Shampoo hit the screen. It was 1975 and his mojo was major as a series of women work the stud over the course of one election day and leave him wondering what hit him.

4. Christian Bale in American Psycho

OK, so he’s a psycho. Yes, but he’s an American Psycho. Still, he is a psycho nonetheless. Unfortunately for the heartrates of millions of women, this baddest of the bad boys is about as scorching as Christian Bale has ever been on the silver screen.

His killer character is torn between his urge to do what his mind tells him while his heart desperately pleads for him to listen to it and stop. Notice he doesn’t make everyone he meets a victim. Bale’s on screen chemistry with Chloe Sevigny does not result in her downfall in the film.

It is this Psycho’s heart that wins out in the end. Or – does it?

3. Ashton Kutcher in Spread

Ashton Kutcher rocks his way through Spread as a man of supreme confidence. His cockiness is high, yet he never drifts into having it detract from his hotness in Spread. 

Anne Heche takes a bite out of Ashton Kutcher

Spread hits theaters August 14 and alongside Anne Heche, Kutcher is hoping his Los Angeles grifter role is the one that sends him from Twitter titan to A-list movie superstar.

Up next…the top two Hollywood studs of all time.

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