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10 top movie studs, starring Ashton Kutcher

Who’s hot in Hollywood? Having Spread opening August 14 had us thinking: Ashton Kutcher plays an LA drifter making his way through Hollywood at the expense of the rich and powerful.

Jude Law is AI's secret weaponAshton Kutcher gallivanting around LA at the mercy of the ladies who call on him scores on the hot scale. In fact, Kutcher has never been more scorching on screen than in in his controversial film, Spread.

So back to our question…who are Hollywood’s hottest studs in history?

10. Jude Law in AI

Jude Law’s Gigolo Joe in AI served as guidance for Haley Joel Osment’s David through his new future in, well…the future.

Law’s Joe was created for the sole purpose of entertaining women. Jude Law as Gigolo Joe is definitely a hot and mechanically sound way to begin our countdown of Hollywood’s hottest studs in history.

9. Patrick Dempsey in Loverboy

Sure, looking back Patrick Dempsey looks a little scrawny and childish to be considered hot. But, the ladies of Loverboy could not get enough of the pizza delivery guy and the young actor had one of his first hits.

That he would star later in Grey’s Anatomy as McDreamy is only a bonus.

8. George Clooney in Out of Sight

If you look up the word ‘smoldering cinema star,’ next to the definition would be a photo of George Clooney from Out of Sight.

George Clooney brings the heat in Out of SightJennifer Lopez has the misfortune in Out of Sight of falling for the wrong guy when her agent lets the criminal’s good looks and charm distract her long enough to steal her heart.

Many a female audience member have commented about how the “locked in the car trunk scene” with George Clooney in Out of Sight was hardly the torture Jennifer Lopez made it out to be on screen.

7. Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise

As hot as a flamethrower, Brad Pitt exploded on the scene stealing Geena Davis’ heart and her money in the early ’90s classic Thelma and Louise.

Brad blows up onto the big time in Thelma and Louise

Pitt was only on the screen for merely moments, but his presence as a hot Hollywood commodity has never waned with age. In fact, like many on this list, Pitt has only become more scorching with age.

6. Jason Lewis in Sex and the City: The movie 

Jason Lewis’ part in Sex and the City: The Movie is also small, but we look for any excuse to put Jason Lewis on SheKnows pages — we take it!

Jason Lewis in Sex and the City: The Movie

Up next…the top 5 including a Psycho Bale, a vampire named Edward and number one!

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