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America’s Got Talent shocker

Charles DeWayne was robbed on America’s Got Talent. This handsome young singer was up against dog act Tony and Rory. Rory got the America’s Got Talent judges vote!

America’s Got Talent goes to the dogs

What? When I saw it was the two of them in the fifth and sixth spots, I thought, oh, how are they going to make this exciting when all three judges are going to vote for Charles? Then The Hoff went
with the dog act, Piers emphatically went with Charles and then Sharon went with the dog, too. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, knowing how much she loves animals, but that poor singer was clearly
stunned by the decision.

Speaking of dogs, don’t miss the new SheKnows Pet Center! We’ve got everything you could possibly need
to know about creatures, both large and small. Pretty good segway, no?

The rest of the America’s Got Talent top five went pretty much as I thought it would, Paradizo Dance,
The Fab 5, The Texas Tenors, Voices of Glory who beat out Eleisha Miller. Sweetheart Eleisha took the loss with the kind of style and grace befitting of someone four times her age. Every other TV
contestant should take note. I hope there’s a talent agent out there who is signing her up as we speak. This kid can sell a movie, I know she can.

Top Chef Masters recap

Top Chef Masters do their thingSpeaking of good
sportsmanship, or not…there was an interesting turn of events last night on Top Chef
. Up until now, I’ve been commenting on how civilized and peaceful this show is. No ugly backstabbing, no squabbling. In fact, the chefs often come to each other’s aid, preferring
to live or die by the caliber of the food and not some small detail like the clock running down. Then the producers brought back twelve Top Chef former contestants to act as sous-chefs for
the pros and the fireworks began. Michael caused the biggest commotion because he dared to ask these “chefs” to demonstrate their knife skills. Spike refused, purposely arguing through the two
minute audition time to avoid doing the task. Then, later, Dale literally got in Michael’s face, engaging him in a screaming match over…well, I’m not sure what they were battling over. Who has
the bigger ego, maybe? It was embarrassing and very telling that there were no histrionics until these new, young chefs arrived on the scene. What is this world coming to?

While I lament the downfall of American youth, you stay here and check out what’s on TV tonight.

Tonight’s Top TV picks:

Big Brother 11 (8:00 CBS)

It’s eviction night on Big Brother 11 and CBS is scared. According to, CBS is going to tape
tonight’s episode rather than air it live. This comes from a promise by Chima that she will go crazy if she she’s nominated for eviction. CBS, I’m surprised. Isn’t this the whole point of putting
nutty people together in one house, the hope that one will go crazy and drive ratings through the roof? Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Big Brother 11 gets tense on CBS

Into the Pride (8:00 Animal Planet)

I’ve read the press release on this new series four times and I still can’t believe it says what it says. Large predator expert Dave Salmoni “must help a pride of “problem lions” learn
to accept humans and support the growing eco-tourism in the area. These are last-chance lions; if they don’t calm down, they will be destroyed.” What? How about the lions teach humans to get
off their land — now that’s good TV. Yikes!

Royal Pains (10:00 USA)

Tucker’s father is all for cleaning up his drug problem, but he wants to do it with a rapid detox method that Hank objects to. It’s just another weekend in the Hamptons. Grab your sandals and your
Mojito and come along.

News and notable

Eureka’s Joe Morton is joining the cast of Brothers and Sisters.

Like Will Ferrell before him, Ben Stiller will guest on the wilderness survival series Man vs. Wild.

America’s Next Top Model runner-up Yaya Dacosta has snagged a recurring role on Ugly Betty.

Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson is joining Heroes.

Photo credit:

Top Chef Masters — Pictured: (l-r) Michael Chiarello, CJ — Bravo Photo: Kelsey McNeal

Big Brother — Pictured: Russell, Chima Photo: Best Possible Screen Grab,CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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