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Criss Angel’s Mindfreak premieres

Before Criss Angel finds Five Ways to Die, we first look back at the violin-playing strippers and gyrating grandmothers of America’s Got Talent.

The judges of America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent recap

Or maybe that should read business as unusual. After last night, I have to wonder how much direction these contestants get from the production staff in regard to their act. Maybe they’re sending
them down the wrong path on purpose in order to get that reaction from the crowd. Forget pole dancing Miley Cyrus. Carol Loo in a go-go cage? Now that’s inappropriate.

You can read my full recap of last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent right here!

Last night, Syfy delivered a sad and serious episode of Warehouse 13 that took me by surprise. On the surface, it was about an ancient devise that attaches to the back of the victim,
turning him into a human lighting rod of anger. While investigating, Myka and Pete find the body of another Warehouse agent who has been missing since the 1950’s. They also find the woman who loved
him alive and well, and looking for answers. The episode ends with the woman urging Myka to quit the job before it consumes her. A bit of advice most of us could use, perhaps in a smaller dose.

Last night’s America’s Got Talent highlight

Listen to the magic of The Voices of Glory.

Don’t let work consume you today. Get outside. Do something fun. Play with your kids and-or your pets. Then watch some TV. Here are a couple of options to get you started.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

Criss Angel finds new ways to die

Criss Angel: Mindfreak (10:00 A&E)

This week, the illusionist embarks on his Five Lives journey. Five death-defying stunts over five weeks. It all begins with the White Death. Criss will be placed in a transparent
coffin then buried underneath a ton of snow and ice. Can he escape before hypothermia sets in? Since the show is called the Five Lives of Criss Angel, I imagine he will.

Dark Blue (10:00 TNT)

The clock is ticking as the team sets out to find and free a kidnapped woman. But there’s another obstacle in their way. They must work with the FBI in order to complete the mission and Carter’s
deep seated grudge against the Feds is going to make this one very difficult day.

News and notable

Paula Abdul may be guest starring on Ugly Betty, but word is she won’t be Dancing with the Stars.

According to US Weekly, it looks like La Toya Jackson will be Dancing with the Stars.

Tia Carrere and former Charlie’s Angel Cheryl Ladd will both guest star on episodes of CSI Miami.

DIY has an unusual home improvement show on tap. It’s called Disaster House and the hosts will attempt to destroy the building with simulated natural disasters and even dropping a piano
through the roof of the house. And since we’ve all experienced that piano issue, it will be nice to have the definitive answer on how to repair the damage.

MTV has ordered a new series from Aston Kutcher called American Idiots, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Don’t miss our interview with Ashton here!

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Criss Angel: Mindfreak — Pictured: Criss Angel. Photo: APWI/Photographer: Tomasz Rossa

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