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Sienna Miller dates an unmarried man!

Sienna Miller is dating an unmarried man for once. Wives of the world: rejoice!

The actress, who has a habit of snatching up married men like
Jude Law and Balthazar Getty, has actually been seen stepping out with a guy who
has no wedding ring on his finger and no home to wreck.

Sources say the GI Joe actress dumped Balthazar Getty and has moved on to DJ Slinky Wizard. Since that’s a dumb name, we’ll call him George Barker, which is on his bank
statements (Sienna’s light reading).

“Sienna and George is still a pretty casual, low-rent thing but they’re both really happy,” an insider told The Mirror. “George is a good, all-round guy and they
have friends in common. He’s not famous and isn’t interested in fame. He’s also single which is a massive coup. George is really into his music and has been introducing Sienna to
new stuff, and even given her a go on his decks. They’ve talked about a holiday together and Ibiza has been discussed. It’s early days but things are looking great.”

Barker spins trance and runs his own record company, Flying Rhino, based in Gloucestershire, UK — close to Sienna’s home.

The pair met at a festival party and judging from the “low-rent” comment above, the relationship probably consists of occasional post-rave booty calls. But it’s still better than
sleeping with another woman’s husband.

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