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Erika Jayne exclusive interview

Madonna moves

SK: (Laughing) Growing up, what was some of your first memories of music…

EJ: My first real memory was a Madonna concert and I think it still lives with me and I saw Prince coming up. Michael was huge in my life. Dance music, if you will, I didn’t discover until I was allowed to go to nightclubs. That happened later on, they’re just some of my most fond memories.

SK: A big element of the dance music genre is the remix. Letting other people inspired by your work go to town with it. Is that something you’re with or excited about?

EJ: Sure, because nobody hears a song the same way! That’s the great part about being creative is that what I see, you don’t see. And what you hear, I don’t hear. So, I think that’s a great part of what we do, I think it’s fantastic to hear somebody else’s spin on it.

Erika Jayne is ready to get you moving

SK: Outside of music, what types of things do you do that are entertaining for yourself?

EJ: Besides singing and dancing and…

SK: Besides singing, dancing and taking over the world…

EJ: Oh, you are so cute. You know, I’m kind of a tomboy. I love to fish (laughs). I like to fish. I love to stay outdoors. I’m a big sports fan and go to games. I don’t care what they are…

SK: (Laughs)

EJ: I love to gamble and go to Vegas. I like my dog.

SK: Ah…

EJ: (Laughs) I like to walk my dog. That’s kind of boring.

SK: No, no…no. If that’s boring, that 75-percent of the country is boring.

EJ: (Laughs). You are funny.

Erika Jayne’s Give You Everything video

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