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Erika Jayne exclusive interview

Who knocks the Pussycat Dolls off the charts? Erika Jayne has surpassed the Dolls and Lady Gaga on the dance charts quietly without raising a Tsunami of attention.

The singer visits with SheKnows in an exclusive look inside the world of Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls and a true original – Erika Jayne. Erika spoke to SheKnows as she was preparing to hit the stage in Los Angeles. Her album, Pretty Mess, hit stores August 11 and her first two singles hit number one on the charts. Her next single, Give You Everything, also shot to the top of the the Billboard dance chart.

Live from LA: it’s Erika Jayne!

SheKnows: I understand you’re getting ready for a show tonight.

Erika Jayne: Yeah, I am having a show tonight. I’m just running all around.

SK: I always like to ask performers about nerves and they usually say nerves are good. Do you agree?

EJ: Oh sure, that lets you know you’re alive and you’re ready (laughs).

SK: I think it was George Burns who said the day he stops being nervous before going on stage is the day he stops performing…

EJ: Yeah, it is the day you should quit because then you don’t care. I’ve got butterflies right now (laughs).

SK: One thing that’s struck me is the intensity with which your songs have taken off on the dance charts. Has it really set in that you are a Billboard chart topper? Or is it when you are singing live like tonight and you see people singing every word?

EJ: When you see the crowd singing the words, that’s when you really know you have a connection. I think that is what really brings it home. That is the most satisfying for me.

SK: For you, obviously, the recording aspect is a very intensive prospect creating your multi-layered music. I know you said performing live is something you love, but is recording also a great joy?

EJ: I do enjoy being in the studio very much. It’s kind of little place to escape and try new things. I’m always interested in new sounds and creating new things. I do love the recording process very much.

Erika emits dance fever

Erika Jayne on Stage
Image: Vallery Jean/Getty Images

SK: For you, right now, who out there that might surprise some people, gets you up and dancing?

EJ: Let’s see…besides myself (laughs). I’m kidding.

We both laugh.

SK: I was hoping you would say that.

EJ: Oh, I like you. Dead Mouth, you know. I’m always listening to somebody new. I’m always trying to find new people. I just really keep my ear to the pavement. It’s not necessarily radio.

SK: Actually one of my favorite things in Europe is to go into record stores and buy things that I have no idea. Get home and realize, oh my gosh, this is incredible…

EJ: Right! You have no idea who they are, it could even be just one song.

SK: Yeah!

EJ: It’s totally fabulous.

Up next…Erika shares her musical influences and we have her latest video, Give You Everything!

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