The Closer welcomes Kyra Sedgwick's daughter

Aug 10, 2009 at 5:37 p.m. ET

Kyra Sedgwick's real-life daughter is enjoying her four-episode story arc on The Closer tonight while the 2009 Teen Choice Awards promise Britney, Miley, Twilight and the Jonas Brothers. We can hear the screams already.

The Bridezillas are back on WeI had another guilty pleasures weekend, this time indulging in a Bridezilla marathon on WEtv. I'd never seen a full episode of the show before, just clips on The Soup but I was hooked after the first half hour. The producers of the series are very clever in the way they end one bride's story while introducing a new bride so you always have to watch the next episode to see how it all turns out.

Incredibly, all the episodes I watched ended in weddings. What were these husbands thinking? I guess they were thinking their Bridezilla's would turn sweet and loving after the wedding vows were done. Why do I doubt that? I think the most horrifying moment was the bride who burned her bridesmaid's shoes because they were gold and black when they were supposed to be just black! And then there's the bridesmaid whose nails were a quarter of an inch longer than the bride's... I see nail clippers in her future.

Britney wins big at Teen Choice?I did have to detox from all that drama a couple of times throughout the day, switching to Design Star just for a shouting break. The Design Star designers had to turn a garage into a living space. I thought both makeovers were pretty miraculous, despite one team leaving the old, clunky, windowless garage door in place, but I want to know what happens to all the junk that was in the garage. On Clean House, they usually put up some kind of divider with storage bins. It's nice to make a living room out of your garage but practically, where do you store the Christmas decorations and bikes?

Did you catch Melissa d'Arabian's new show on Food Network? She was the winner of The Next Food Network Star and now she's making Ten Dollar Dinners.

In the first episode, she made a potato torte that was a little too time consuming for me, but her tip about adding soy sauce to classic vinaigrette is something I'll have to try. Last week, I talked with Melissa about the new show and how she juggles four kids, a husband and a career. You can read all about it right here on later today.

Tonight's top TV picks

Teen Choice Awards (8:00 Fox)

You don't have to be a teen to enjoy the Teen Choice Awards but you might need one around to help you identify all the players such as Corbin Bleu, Selena Gomez and the cast of Twilight.

One you won't have any trouble identifying is Britney Spears who will be receiving the Ultimate Choice Award.

The Closer (9:00 TNT)

In "Smells Like Murder," Brenda finds a body in a box and a long list of people who wanted the victim dead.

Kyra, Sosie and Kevin at the SAG awards. Sosie's on The Closer tonight

Kyra Sedgwick's real life daughter, Sosie Bacon, makes her TV debut alongside mom!

Don't miss our interview with Kyra here!

Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle (9:00 VH1)

Chance and Real are back in the saddle, gunning for a second chance at finding true love. Tonight, they ask the...ladies (?) to pitch their best qualities door-to-door salesman style.

News and notable

Susan Lucci could be leaving All My Children after more than 30 years of playing Erica Kane on the popular soap. In order to stay in production, the soap will be moving from New York to Los Angeles at the end of the current season and Lucci's not interested in leaving her home town.

Hillary Duff will star in an ABC Family original movie based on the book Diary of a Working Girl by Daniella Brodsky.

Could Paula Abdul be Dancing with the Stars come next season? That's the word on the street in Hollywood.

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