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2009 Teen Choice Awards scoop

The Jonas Brothers host the Teen Choice Awards airing tonight, but we’ve got your inside scoop on the show that taped over the weekend.

Twilight's Taylor Lautner at the 2009 Teen Choice AwardsLet’s face it: even if you’re not a teenager, even if you’re unable to tune into the awards show,
there’s a certain je ne sais quoie when it comes to the teen market. They’re the same celebs we watch, the same artists we root for and more importantly, listen and watch.

Convinced yet?

Teen wallets pack a punch: they cast 83-million votes for their 2009 Teen Choice Award-winners and in that sense we mean who do they adore? Miley, Britney, Gossip Girl and ah yes, Twilight!

While it’ll air tonight on Fox, we couldn’t help but check out the spoilers. So here’s a hint: Twilight,
Twilight, more Twilight! With categories like “Choice Movie Liplock,” “Choice Male Hottie,” and
“Choice Movie Actor Drama,” it’s truly no surprise it cleaned up. And it’s not really shocking that moviegoers will run – not walk – to theaters on November 20
when the next film in the series, New Moon, makes a splash.

The show will be hosted by none other than the Jonas Brothers. Seriously, is there anything these guys can’t do? For instance, we hear they’ll take dares from fans by hugging them at
lightning speed. And oh, by the way, one of them is a blonde Kim Kardashian!

Britney Spears makes a show at the 2009 Teen Choice AwardsLet’s not forget other A-listers like Miley Cyrus who’s bound to clean up with the surfboard shaped awards in all sorts
of categories like movies, TV and the ever faceted music one.

Britney also made a cameo as teens let their voices be heard loud and clear: 2009 was the year of the Britney comeback.

Miley’s also a fan as she indicated, “She’s a good friend of the family, so I’m just happy to finally show everyone that she’s back and she never went anywhere.”

As for the hot television categories, teens also weigh in on Gossip Girl and their Upper East Side aves. It’s hard to believe this highly successful show based on the books was once
considered for a movie starring Lindsay Lohan but alas, the show has staying power.

Without spoiling too many of the other winners and fun performances, viewers will tune into Fox to see the Jonas Brothers, Miley, Britney, Zac Efron, Twilight, Gossip Girl and

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