Michael Jackson's parents hire detectives

Aug 6, 2009 at 3:50 p.m. ET

Michael Jackson's death is the result of foul play, say his parents, Katherine and Joe Jackson.

Michael Jackson at the announcement of his This is It tourSources say Katherine and Joe Jackson are hiring an army of private dicks to look into the death of Michael Jackson. If Michael's parents are thinking about filing a wrongful death suit, they also may have an army of doctors to direct their legal ire.

When Michael Jackson died, the collective belief was that he had succumbed to a cardiac arrest. Quickly, the questions arose: How did a 50-year-old man in otherwise good health pass away from cardiac arrest? What triggered Michael Jackson's heart to stop cold?

Although Michael's personal physician, Conrad Murray, has not been listed as a suspect in a homicide or manslaughter investigation, authorities have searched his properties repeatedly.

Per Michael's wishes, the concert giant AEG hired Murray to watch over Jackson for his 50-concert show at London's O2 Arena. 

Joe and Katherine Jackson also are looking at the massive concert performance schedule and whether their son had requested to limit the tour because of his physical concerns. Moments after Jackson's death, reports circulated that Jackson had requested to perform only 10 shows and, after looking at the contract, realized that the requirement was 50 shows over 100 nights.

After a full physical, an as-yet-to-be-named doctor gave Jackson the green light to perform in London.

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